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5 year wedding anniversary

November 11, 2006

Well DH and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary today!!

Yes on remembrance day.
We met on the 11th of the 11th 1999. It is also my mother’s birthday (she passed away and would have celebrated her 56th birthday today) We decided that we wanted to marry on the day we met. We also made sure that we were very respectful and observed the 1 minutes silence.
Didn’t do anything special. The kids have been too sick to organize a special meal or anything of the like. But DH did say the he has booked me into Belly dancing as an anniversary present…I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted to do it. I think he said that the instructor is taking the beginner classes in January, so that should be interesting 😆
Not much celebrating today though as DH is on nightshift, he slept the day but we did sit together last night and watched Pirates of the Caribbean II, which was nice. It has been too hard to do anything else when the kids have been ill 😦
In other news: O M F G!!!!!!!
Conners squirts have been friggin’ shocking the last two days. His little bum is soooo burnt, bright red and almost bleeding I can’t leave his nappy off as he is pooing every 1/2 hour…especially after eating anything. After dinner is the worst time. last night he was pooping in a clean nappy while I was still washing out the last one and washing my hands. That went for about two hours arrrrrhhh!!!!! 😮
I can’t put disposables on him as they seem to be holding in the heat and making his bottom soooo sore. So I’ve just got cloth nappies on him loosely IYKWIM & I can see the minute it’s wet and I can change him immediately.
I’m lathering his bottom in castor oil and zinc cream but his poo is so hot and watery it seems to wash it off on the way out and he is just screaming and arching up so I can’t touch him to clean him.
My poor little bubba! I feel so sad that I can’t make him all better with a snap of my fingers 😦 I so hope that he is better tomorrow and doesn’t wake again tonight screaming with a dirty nappy. His PJ’s were soaked with poo at 4.30 this morning. So after changing him, we put him into bed with us. Oh dear…poor little mite.
Here is another LO I have done a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t had any time to scrap lately but hopefully the kidlets will be better soon and I’ll be able to get more scrappin time 🙂

Take care all.
Tammy ♥

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 13, 2006 5:52 am

    Five wonderful years of being by your side. I know I give you the shintz sometimes and I know I am not “Catch of the Day” but always remember that my love for you grows everyday.. I realy should not try to write this after just waking up. My words don’t sound like what I am trying to convey. Just remember that I love you with my every breath. Thank you for being by my side and sharing your life with me.


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