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Home again, home again, jiggity, jig

November 19, 2006

Hi all I’m home at last!
For those that don’t know I got my DH to ring an ambulance for me Thursday night around 11pm because I had a speeding heartrate and my heart was also beating really hard and I was really freaking out!
Well, while at the hospital on Thursday night, I had an ECG, I was connected to the usual monitors during the night (BP, oxygen and heart rate) and blood tests to check my heart enzyms. I also had an Xray. My BP was up during the night but all other tests came back normal. My bloods didn’t show any results that may have led the Dr’s to think that I had a problem with my heart.
Friday they gave me another blood test, and Friday evening I had a stress test & another ECG. All normal, so it looks like my heart is doing what it’s supposed to!
I spoke to a very caring and helpful Cardiologist, on Friday, who went through all my symptoms and he seemed to ask me all the right questions. He wants me to have an ultrasound on my heart but they are booked out till after christmas, so I won’t get to have that test for a little while yet. After listening to my symptoms and the fact that I am often having to regulate my breathing & that I have a consciousness of my heart beating, brings him to the conclusion that I am probably having anxiety attacks. They have changed my BP meds to a Beta blocker (I have heard of this but not 100% sure what they do) the Cardiologist explained to me that this new one stops the heart from beating so hard, which is what’s giving me the anxiety.
When DH got to the hospital Friday night to pick me up he had Talissa and Conner with him. Talissa had on a party hat because she thought it was really special that I was coming home from hospital. How special is that! Kids have such a wonderful way of expressing themselves 🙂 As for my DS, Dwayne…the ambulance had only left for about 10 minutes, Thursday night, when he comes out of his room and asks DH to re-connect the internet…he then spent the next two days at two different friends houses and when he gets home he starts to complain about being tired and have a look at my hair! I can’t get it to sit right!! Yeah, yeah, yeah! I don’t give a shit about your hair at the moment Dwayne ~ so selfish 👿 & to top it all off Talissa has a temperature again!! What the hell…!!!! She has had a runny nose almost the day after getting over her Gastro and I just thought maybe it was the end of that bug. Apparently not 🙄 she has been saying all day that she doesn’t feel well, then she fell asleep on the floor around 1.30 and when she woke up she felt sooo hot, so I took her temp and it was 39.1!!! What the f….!!! I must have pissed off a chinaman in my last life (no offence meant to any chinese that read this, it’s just a saying) So I gave her a dose of panadol and plonked her in the tub for about 20mins. She has been in there twice since. But OMFG, why the f**k are my kids so sick, one thing after another 👿 I feel like screaming at the world to stop! I want to get off! I am sooooooooo totally over all of this!! 😦
So I am home, I still feel a bit sick in the stomach, tired and my chest feels a bit sore but I think I just need to get some rest & maybe some stress free time. (Yeah like that’s going to happen 🙄 I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow and I suppose I will need to talk to him about my anxiety and see what can be done for it & quite frankly unless I win the lottery then I don’t think it’s going to go away any time soon! I’m sure alot of you can relate to the added stress of dealing with chrissy as well as all the other bills at Xmas time.
Thank you all again for caring about me ♥
On another note I got a LO done early this week for the weekly challenge at the BOXX, so I thought I’d share. I had fun making this LO. It’s a photo of Conner around 4 months old. I hand drew the frame and hand cut it out. I doodled the edges on the frame, the Alpha’s and the PP, as well as a bit of doodling around the hearts. I used a Ranger ink pad to ink the tags and attached ribbons. Dontcha just love those rolls of baby fat *he he he* I also love the colour combo here of the chocolate CS and aqua PP. Well that’s enough from me today, so I’ll just stop here and say thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Cheers all…Tammy X X X

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  1. Julie permalink
    November 19, 2006 11:22 pm

    Love the page Tammy.

    You try and rest up as much as you can Missy. I do hope your dd isn’t getting sick again. That’s all you need right now. Not!

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