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November 20, 2006

I’m just back from the Dr’s and my check up. I took lolly pops to keep the kids amused this time. It’s amazing how quite they get once they have something in their little mouths 😆
I was actually a bit ahead of myself & my poor Dr did have my results through from the hospital yet *DOH!!* 😆 But he checked my new medication and logged that on his puter. Took my BP which he said was a bit high (I think he said it was 168/80 but don’t quote me on that!! :lol:)He also said my heart rate was still a bit fast, so he has changed my BP med dose from half a tablet to a whole one and I am to cut down on my stimulates. I thought I was quite good with stimulates. I drink perhaps 4 -6 cups of coffee a day but it’s so weak it’s almost like milky water with a bit of coffee colour. I drink perhaps a 2ltr coke in a whole week. Sometimes not even that much & I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day. Pretty good considering before my kids I used to smoke a whole packet of 30’s a day!!! a carton a week. So I still feel like my heart is beating a bit too fast and hard but I’m getting there. I have to go back to the Dr’s next Monday for another check up to see how I am coping on the higher dose of tablet & so the Dr can see my test results from the hospital.
As for Talissa. She still has a temp. the poor little munchkin. 38.8 last night and this morning it was down a bit to 37.1…and this is all while giving her panadol every 4 hours. She woke every half hour last night till about quarter past 12…then Conner started about 4.15 this morning. I was just so totally knacker I left him crying for about 20 minutes. Then went in, tucked him in and staggered back to bed but he started crying again as soon as I lay down. Typical 🙄 so I lay there thinking just go back to sleep but he kept crying so I went in again and told him to go to sleep before he woke ’tissa up and went back to bed. It took him till 5.15 to go back to sleep. Then when DH got home from work he was banging on the door at 7.30am. I’d put the bolt on the door by accident and he couldn’t get in, so no sleep in for me this morning. Although DH let me go back to bed until 8.30 so that was nice. You know I worry about him too. He worries about me and he worries when the kids are sick (which is all the time lately) and he works 12 hour shifts and then he says don’t do anything, just relax and I’ll do it on my days off. MMmmm. Probably not a good idea. He’s going to end up being run down too and then we’ll all end up sick *arrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!* So we’ll just plod along at the mo and just relax and try and stay relaxed but I can’t see it happening 😆
Anyway thanks for stopping in for a Templeton health update 😦 I wish I could talk about something more exciting than the lack of health in this family :lol:.

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  1. Chrissy permalink
    December 3, 2006 1:00 am

    Tammy – are you OK? I’ve been thinking of you and checking up on you, but you’re MIA. I wish I had your ph # just to say hi. Hugs to you my friend – I hope your back on your feet.

    Chrissy xxxxx

  2. Julie permalink
    November 23, 2006 4:46 am

    Hoping the little ones get better soon Tam.

    I agree with Dee, let dh help as much as he likes. It all helps out in the end.

  3. Julie permalink
    November 21, 2006 2:38 am

    We went through a bad sick cycle a few months back too. It’s so frustrating when it just comes around & around & around.
    Make sure u’s look after urselves Tam.
    House work can really wait! Whatta great husband u have there!
    {{{{{get well}}}}} sending vibes ur way!

  4. deirdre permalink
    November 20, 2006 11:45 pm

    Its a viscious circle isnt it Tammy? And when they feel yucky you feel it for them too. Jason is a sweetie, let him help as much as he likes, maybe you could do something nice just for him!
    Hope the templeton household feels better soon. You take care.

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