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*It’s a Wiggly Party*

December 4, 2006

Wiggly party! It’s a wiggly party Aha ha haha 🙂 Well we went to see the Wiggles on stage today and it was fantastic! The kids had a great time. I had a great time. We danced and sang all the wiggles songs. I think Sam Moran did a great job in the yellow skivvy and I think it won’t be too long before the kids love him as much as Greg. Before the show started there was an announcement from Greg on the big TV screens. Announcing that he was retiring due to ill health and Sam was taking his place. I hope he does well as he has been a favourite of the kids for 15 years!! (Well wishes to Greg) and good luck to Sam in his new roll as a Wiggle.
Here are a couple of photo’s of the show, although they are a bit dark. It’s really hard to get good shots inside.

This last photo is of Conner all tuckered out on the way home. We bought the kids sausage rolls and Conner fell asleep while eating his LOL!! But he wouldn’t let it go. Every time I tried taking it out of his hand he’d wake up and start crying. When we got home he woke up and started eating it like he hadn’t even been asleep PMSLOL!! What a great day.

Cheers all

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  1. Julie permalink
    December 5, 2006 2:39 am

    I think the photo’s look great considering where u were sitting!
    Glad that everything went well, rofl @ Connor(with his food)…how gorgeous does he look all tuckered out.
    Toot Toot…lol

  2. deirdre permalink
    December 4, 2006 11:34 pm

    The wiggles looks like so much fun! And it sounds as if the kids had a ball! Did Mummy have fun too?! LOL!

  3. Julie permalink
    December 4, 2006 11:33 pm

    Glad that you all had a great day out at the wiggles. The pic of Connor is a classic.

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