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December 5, 2006

I thought I’d better upload another LO to my blog since I haven’t for awhile. I took these pictures Talissa, Conner & I the other day…all by myself!! PMSLOL! I hardly have any photo’s of me with the kids, so I just grabbed my camera and held out my arm and snapped. I had to take a few before I got a couple of usable photo’s but we where having fun, which is the main thing. I’m pretty sure most parents can relate to the title of this LO “You are so precious to me” *smile* I have been using Kindyglitz alot and really love the sparkle, although I hate the green ‘SO’ grrrrr!!!!! I had actually inked the chipboard in black and it looked so bold but when put the Kindyglitz on it turned green *rolls eyes* I wasn’t about to rip it off so that’s how it stays LOL!!

I also wanted to mention on my blog that we have been at this house 2 years on Sunday just gone! I can’t believe how fast that has gone. I was Pregnant with Conner when we moved in here. Wow!!
In reply to Dee’s comment did I have fun at the Wiggles concert PMSLOL!!!!!! I honestly think that I had more fun than the kids…how sad am I Aha ha hahaha!!!! RAOTFPMSLOL *snicker* *snicker* I also pointed out to Jason this morning that in the 8 years we have been together, this is the first time we have been to a concert together and it was to see the Wiggles…how hilarious is that ha ha hahahaha!! We’ve decided that we really need to book tickets to see some adult shows, so we have been looking through the ticketek and Bass websites. A couple of shows coming up that we would love to go and see is ‘Walking with dinosaurs’ & the new Cirqe de soule (sp?) shows. They are going to be expensive for us but we need to make some memories for ‘US’ IYKWIM!?
O and Maria hurry up and get the BOXX back up! I need my fix LOL!!
Anyway enough blather from me today.

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  1. Julie permalink
    December 5, 2006 5:43 am

    LOL Sad when u only go to kid’s things & no shows for the adults….I hear ya on that page!
    ROFLMFAO Shaz get ur mind outta the gutter girly!

  2. Sharryn T permalink
    December 5, 2006 2:39 am

    LOL…good to see you had a great time at the Wiggles concert! I was the same when I took my boys to the wrestling a couple of years back…I had a ball!!
    So what sort of adult shows are you thinking of Tam…ROFL…
    Sharryn ūüôā

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