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Merry Christmas

December 29, 2006

I hope you all had a great Christmas Day. Ours was fairly quite.
Talissa had a great time and loved the fact that Santa ate his choccie biscuits and drank his milk. So cute and really makes Christmas time fun when there are believers in the house LOL!!
The kids pigged out on there stocking chocolates and didn’t want their lunches. No surprises there 🙂 So we headed off to DH’s sisters place for the afternoon. I spent the whole 1 hour trip, down South road, hanging out the car window yelling “Merry Christmas” and waving to every car/pedestrian I saw. PMSLOL…amazingly I only got two waves back…has everyone become blinded to the world around them I wonder 😦 .
I actually caught whatever it was that Conner had had during the week that resulted in him having a perforated eardrum. I woke with such a sore throat on the Wednesday and by Wednesday night I couldn’t swallow, my whole neck was swollen even right round to the back of my neck…I was is an amazing amount of pain. I couldn’t get to the Dr’s but got into the AH dr on Thursday. By then my throat was so sore I couldn’t even talk. I walked in said I had a sore throat and the Dr took a look and was like “OMG very, red, very sore. You must be having a lot of trouble swallowing.” OH yeah!!!! what an understatement. She put me on 1000mg of penicillin twice a day!! That’s 2000mg a day! I have never in my life had penicillin at that mg before and I did think I was kinda sick…but shit me that’s a pretty high dose. Needless to say I started to feel better by the next day PMSLOL!! and I felt almost normal by Christmas day.

We still have our tree up and Conner is busy pulling off all the decorations and tinsel. I love putting all the christmas crap up but I loathe taking it down again *sigh* but I’m already sick of tinsel all over the house & the Christmas cards in every room all over the floor.

I wonder what 2007 will bring for our family.
Take care all and so sorry for the post.
Love to all my blogger pals

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  1. deirdre permalink
    December 31, 2006 3:39 am

    Have a fantastic New Years Tammy!

  2. Beth permalink
    December 30, 2006 5:58 am

    Oh Tammy, that was one awful sickness you had there!! Take care and all the best for 2007!

  3. Julie permalink
    December 29, 2006 10:20 pm

    WOW! Good to see that ur throat was so much betta by xmas day…there would be nothing worse than to sit through a lunch/dinner & not being able to eat much!….
    Yes So love the fact that Zahlee stated that we had to put some biscuts out for santa, milk of course & a carrot for the reindeer’s!
    Ohhh Tam, If u want to u can email me….if u want to just poor out how ur feeling without getting n e judgement. Hope u sort out things soon can’t live in limbo.
    Ask him what he wants???? & Y?
    I feel the same, @ the end of the day u think well what about me…everyone takes & takes & no one ever gives…even just a little.

    N e ways the offer still stands!
    U know where I am.
    Take care sweetie.

    P.S hope 2007 brings improved things for u & ur family.

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