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week-end birthday

January 16, 2007

Saturday seen us up early for a birthday party. Our niece Poppy. It was her 3rd birthday. Talissa was being her usual over-sensitive self and crying her little heart out over the silliest things and me being hyper-sensitive due to the FM can’t take too much of the crying. The sounds ends up being like the finger nails down the chalkboard…it really grates. I was feeling totally drained and exhausted as well, so not a good combination. I’m afraid I got a tad grumpy. *sigh* Conner had fun running around and playing. Nothing much fazes him *laugh* The kids played pass the parcel ~ a bit hard for 2 & 3 year old to graps the concept of passing the “present” to the next person without opening it PMSLOL!!! but it was all fun and the kids all ended up getting a turn and a ‘present’. Conner got a doggy nose and Talissa got a ducks beak. They certainly looked quite funny and they had fun with them. The photo is of Conner on a rocking ‘dog’ ha ha ha.
The kids had sunscreen on but I didn’t and I’m still red on my shoulders. Amazing how strong the sun is now.
I finished my second LO for the EF 52 challenge. Damnable plastic flowers. I made them once and now I’m hooked. I used them on the second EF LO. I hate when I get these types of things stuck in my head, as now the next few LO’s I do will have them until I get sick of them PMSLOL. The theme was to use your title word in your journalling more than once. My word was cherish. DH took the photo’s of Talissa and I on the grass out in the backyard (not there anymore due to the water restrictions, the grass that is not the backyard LOL!!) I still hate looking at photo’s of myself but I am getting better at scrapping them. I still look at them and think “OMFG is that what I really look like!?” I guess so huh! The camera doesn’t lie LOL. Isn’t it funny how you have a perception of what you look like, just like someone you’ve never met before…you kinda build up a mental image of them and then when you finally met they look nothing like you imagined. LOL I think that’s kinda what I think about myself. I am such a strange critter ~ or does everyone think the same as me. *laugh*
The Housing Trust knocked on the door this morning to inspect the back yard. We had put in for a sleep out (kinda like a granny flat, without running water…basically just another room but separate from the house) when I was pregnant with Conner. So it’s been at least two years and we were on the priority list!!! So hopefully we will be getting that sooner rather than later and then Conner can go into his own room and Talissa will have her own room too. Then I guess I can look at painting the kids rooms. I already have the paint. Talissa’s is going to be a nice bright pink and Conner’s will be blue. I don’t know what sort of floor the sleep-out will have. If it’s floor boards then I think we’ll just get a rug for the floor (you know we are talking about teenagers here!) but if it’s not then we’ll have to look at carpet. Also Dwayne needs new bedroom furniture as the bedroom suite he has now is what I bought for him when he first went into a big bed. It’s white melamime with blue handles and its quite low. I was thinking of getting him one of those new TV units. you know the ones that are open, flat on the top for the wide screen TV’s. He can have his tellie on there and put his clothes in the draws. I’d like to get him an all baltic stain bed, wardrobe and draws. But it might be beyond our budget until tax time. Conner can have Dwaynes old bedroom suite…I wonder how I will detoxify it though? ~ yep, smelly teenagers! don’t know what could be growing in there…ewwwwww!!!!!!
OTHER NEWS: I still feel really exhausted. Like my arms and legs are made of lead. It’s just so hard to lift them and actually do stuff. Although I do push myself quite hard. I can’t let this illness dictate my life. I still have stuff to do and I won’t let me house suffer. I have done it all thus far so there is no reason that I can’t keep doing it. I must admit that I think the anti-depressants have helped my brain fog. I always felt “funky” in the head. It really is hard to describe the feeling. I use to say it’s kinda like when you feel really sick in the stomach, except that feeling is in my head. I do feel like I am sleeping a tad better…but time will tell. I was lying in bed last night thinking that I should catalogue all my symptoms for the Dr. but I kept getting sidetracked in my mind, so I think pen and paper would probably be better.
TODAY’S FUNNY: Talissa and Conner were arguing over the Nintendo. Talissa came to me crying. “Conner tried to eat me!!!!!!” He had bit her on the shoulder the little vampire! So that’s something else I’ll have to put a stop to rather quickly.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
Take care all.
Love Tammy X

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  1. Julie permalink
    January 17, 2007 10:38 am

    hey Tam, I’m the same as u re: photo’s of myself….I need to actually bite the bullet & let photo’s be taken of me & then …lol scrap them. he he that’s Y i haven’t done wedding ones…lol
    Love the lo BTW!!!!
    Hope u do get/feel betta soon…YKWIM!
    Take care luvvy

  2. Julie permalink
    January 17, 2007 10:37 am

    Love the layout here Tam The flowers look awesome.

  3. Megan permalink
    January 17, 2007 10:37 am

    Hi Tammy,

    Your layout is fabulous! So fun and happy!

    Megan xx

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