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February already?!!

February 1, 2007

OMG I can hardly believe it’s February already! Can you? DH birthday is next week and Valentines Day is just around the corner. I think ‘waiting’ for Christmas day and ‘waiting’ for New Years eve and then ‘waiting’ for the kids to go back to school has just hurried the days away *sigh* it’s scary how fast the time goes by. I haven’t done any scrappin’ for a few days. I pulled out a bush that had died, it was quite large, I think it couldn’t cope with the lack of water and the last bought of extra hot weather, damned drought…I wish we could get some decent rain… anyway I’m getting off subject…since cutting out the dead bush I have been exhausted. My arms have not one ounce of energy left in them. It really is such a horrible feeling.
In other news. We have been trying to get Talissa to make some friends at kindy. She is so reserved and tends to stay out of everyone’s way that she just hasn’t made any friends. Well today when I picked her up she announces to me that Taya is coming over to play! I told her how proud I was of her for making a friend but Taya couldn’t come over today as daddy is at home asleep (he’s on nightshift). I introduced myself to Taya’s mummy and we had a quick chat. I said maybe next week Taya could come over to play. I works out that Taya’s birthday is in March just like Talissa’s and they will start school together next term…so I’m glad Talissa made friends with someone that she won’t have to leave behind at the end of Kindy. I gave Taya’s mum my phone number and said that we will have to catch up next week…but now that I’m home I wonder if I was a bit pushy *shock* I’m not usually so forthright with people I don’t know but I really want Talissa to make herself some friends. She probably got home and thought I was a complete loony LOL!! During this conversation Conner made himself at home at the kindy, running from room to room and playing with all the toys…so when it was time to leave he decided he was going to scream like I was trying to kill him *OMFG* he screamed and screamed, I was trying to hold him as he decided he didn’t want to walk with Talissa and mummy…if he couldn’t play then he was just going to throw himself on the ground PMSLOL…so picture me trying to hold Talissa’s hand, her kindy bag, my handbag and a screaming, arching, stiff, kicking, slapping and even some eye gouging from this absolute horror 21 month old. I tell you when they really don’t want to do something they can be like trying to hold onto a freaked out octopus!!! The kindy teacher came out laughing letting me know that playgroup was on tomorrow from 10 – 12 and perhaps Conner would like to come back. Ahhhhh!!!! It’s always so easy to laugh at someone else in that situation…but I sure it was more in sympathy. Thanks Michelle LOL!! LOL!!
Yesterday I went to Marion to the Dymocks bookstore as I had a gift voucher from Christmas and I wanted to buy the kids some new books. Well Conner and I walked around looking at the books, until he started hanging out the pram and grabbing whatever book was in reach of his quick little hands…so we headed to the kids section…which I think is so far worse…all these kids books and the isles are so narrow that the pram only just fits through so the books on either side are within easy reach of little fingers *sigh* I spen about half an hour picking out books, taking books off of Conner and telling him to shush! as he screamed at the top of his lungs each time I grabbed a book back off of him *rolls eyes* and during this adventure I had two or three assistants smile and they walked past me to put books on shelves. So I get to the register and the lady looks at me and says that the EFTPOS machine isn’t working and they are only taking cash “YOUR FUCKING SHITTIN’ ME, RIGHT!!!” (I didn’t say that but OMFG I so wanted too ~ lucky I had my baby with me)…All the store assistants I walked past, all the screaming from my child and NO-ONE in the whole Friggin’ store thought to let me know that hey, those 6 books you have can only be paid for with cash. *grumpy face* The lady behind the counter must have seen me physically slump as she was suddenly very apologetic. She asked me did I want her to hold them for me, I just said no thank you as I walked out the door. The whole reason I went to Marion was to go to Dymocks and It’s not the first time I have gone to that store only to be told that I can’t use my gift card as the EFTPOS machine is down…some days I wonder why did I get outta bed *grrrrrrrr!!!* LOL Oh well I went to Lincraft and bought some Li’l Davis stamps and some chipboard shapes and OH!! I got me some scissors, small provo craft ones that are non stick! How cool is that…now to find steak and eggs small enough…..hmmmmmmmmmm……….

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  1. deirdre permalink
    February 7, 2007 3:52 am

    I’m so glad Taissa has made a little friend. Aodhan has a little girlfriend called Taya too!
    Bugger about the bush, ours are all slowly dying too, so sad.
    Hope your next trip to the kinder is a little better Conner wise LOL

  2. Julie permalink
    February 4, 2007 7:05 am

    ROFL….can picture it now…
    & hey sometimes u have to be assertive with the kid’s….so great she’s got a friend to go to school with.
    Buggar with the eftpos! so hate that or when the purchase has to be a min. of $10…. grrrr
    Yeh….the times flying by …but not so flying by….lol well that maybe just me though.

  3. Scraphappy Mel permalink
    February 4, 2007 7:05 am

    I can sympathise Tammy… I too have a 21 month old and yep… I get the slapping, kicking and eye gouging too!! Where on earth do they learn these things???

    Lincraft… you lucky thing…I haven’t been to Marion in years – I just lurve shopping at Marion!!

    And thank you for the comment about the Scrapbooking Fair, it would be great if you could make it so we could catch up.


  4. TatumW permalink
    February 2, 2007 2:12 am

    I am so feeling your pain Tammy…with no children I love marion…with them it is torture sometimes!!! That Dymocks store has the BEST gift books, check ’em out next time ur in there in peace!!

  5. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx permalink
    February 2, 2007 2:12 am

    I too can not believe it is Feb already OMG.

    Well done to Talissa for making a new friend. That’s fabulous. I’m sure they will have a lot of fun together.

    Sorry to read about Conners screaming. Oh I remember only too well Amanda doing that in public and was so embarrassed.

    In fact she did it one day last year at school (age 5 and 1/2) and I was even more embarrassed she would still act that way.

    Kids eh!!! LOL

    PS: Thanks for always visiting my blog, much appriecated Tammy.

  6. Julie permalink
    February 2, 2007 2:12 am

    Oh dear Tam sounds as though you have had a rough day.

    Glad that Talissa is making friends.

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