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EF challenge # 5

February 7, 2007

Here is my Elsie Flannigan number 5 challenge entry. We had to use numbers so I took Conner’s Birthdate and put that into an online calculator along with the date, and time that this photo was taken and came up with 654 days, 1 hour, 57 minutes and 11 seconds! That’s how old Conner is in this photo. Pretty cool hey!! PMSLOL. Such a cheeky face too.
Also Dwayne asked me to make a Valentine’s Day card that he could give to his girlfriend. I know I pretty much suck at making cards but I think it turned out kinda OK and Dwayne really likes it, so that’s what counts.
As Dee pointed out about Conner’s LO I managed to get some pink in there PMSLOL!!!! Sneaky huh! 😉 I just love this new range of PP from SEI…just in time for Valentine’s day.It’s so pretty and I’m having a ball using my Big Shot die cutting machine and “girls are weird” alpha *big smile* IN OTHER NEWS: Guess what happened to me on Saturday morning!! You won’t so I’ll tell you. Conner and I where fast asleep and at about 7am I was terribly awakened to what sounded like a “BUG” in my friggin’ear…AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!! I could hear it scratching around right on my ear drum. I layed there for a minute thinking maybe it was just some ear wax that was moving around close to my ear drum but no WAY was that scratching sound ear wax, so totally freaking out, thinking I had a spider in my ear, I ran to the kitchen, waking Jason up kinda hysterical telling him I had a bug in my ear. He grabbed his torch and was shining that inside my ear saying he couldn’t see anything in there, as I moaned and was trying desperately to jam my finger in my ear and get whatever it was OUTTA THERE!!!!!!! I grabbed a baby Panadol syringe and filled a cup with hot tap water and got Jason to squirt it into my ear. Once & twice was the trick. I turned my head to the side and a bloody EARWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fell into the sink OMFG!!!!!!!!!! It was about 5cm long and Jason kinda freaked out saying that he couldn’t see anything in there, so it must have been down my ear canal quite a way…no friggin’ joke hunny!!!! I kept saying there is a friggin’ bug in my ear, there’s definitely a bug in my ear!!! I felt so ill afterwards and I was so thankful that the bloody thing crawled in my ear and not Conner’s, now that would have been horrible!!
I’m also suffering from serious vagueness. I can’t seem to get my brain outta neutral ATM…oh and I’m so exhausted. Conner and I went shopping this morning and I had to pick the most stoopid trolley in the whole friggin’ center I reckon *grrrrr!!!* I could hardly push it or control it and with the FM my muscles get very tired, very, very quickly and my knee’s get so painful from twisting them trying to get the trolley going into a straight line. arrrrggghhh. So after two isles I decided to get another trolley and there was one at a closed check out. So I moved my groceries and Conner to the new trolley and finished my shopping. When I got to the check-out I went to put my green shopping bags and my blue cooler bag on the conveyor and I couldn’t find them. I thought I’d already put them up there (ya know…vague LOL!) but no, so I looked in the trolley, under the trolley, behind the trolley, under my groceries…ah BUM!! I lost my bloody shopping bags! I was sure I’d put them on top of my groceries when I changed trolleys but obviously not. I told the check-out guy and he rang the front counter. No-one had handed them in. BASTARDS!! Taking advantage of my N-brain. So I left my name and phone number with Coles but I doubt I’ll see those again. I felt like a real doofus and my face was burning by the time I got back to the main counter to leave my name. How could I have left them in the trolley?
Thank goodness it was just the bags, though and not my handbag or Conner!! LOL.

I also wanted to add that if anyone hears of a DT position can you let me know. I would really love to join a DT but I don’t cruise the web much…by the time I finish my blog browsing and checking all the latest goss at the BOXX there’s not much time left 😉

Take care all
Tammy X

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  1. February 11, 2007 10:11 am

    That’s a very cute layout Tammy. Great idea with the calculator. And I do love your valentine’s card.

  2. Scraphappy Mel permalink
    February 8, 2007 12:23 am

    Ewww… that bug in the ear story made me shudder! Glad you got the horrid thing out!

    What are the letters you’ve used on your layouts. They look gorgeous.

    Beautiful LO’s by the way 🙂


  3. Megan permalink
    February 7, 2007 10:45 am

    Tammy!!! Yikes about the earwig!! I would be feeling ill too…thank goodness it came out!

    Megan xx

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