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Spittin’ chips

February 16, 2007

Why do I bother helping people sometimes *GRRRRrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!* 😡 I tell you, I feel so hurt, upset, disappointed, let down, used & I guess a little angry too. “Why?” you may be asking yourself. Well as you know the Scrapboxx is my second home, I love visiting the forums there and the gallery is awesome as are all the Scrapboxxers. So I’m there 99.9% of the time, so that leaves 1%.
I visit another forum but won’t name it as I feel betrayed ATM. As you know I love to photoshop a lot of my photo’s and I had a comment by a lady that said she wished she could do that to her photo’s. So stoopid me sent her a PM saying I’d love to photoshop a photo for her and she was welcome to ask me the exact steps I used on her photo (so she could do it herself) Well she sent me a photo of her baby with a pink Carebear, saying she’d like the Carebear left pink and the rest of the photo in B/W. So I spent a couple of hours photoshopping her photo and emailed it back to her, hoping she’d like it.
Well she did a LO with this photo and uploaded it to the gallery. Not one little thing said about who photoshopped the photo for her. Well that week she won the Spotlight in that weeks newsletter for a great LO. So she promptly posted a topic about how excited she was about getting into the Spotlight that week….still no comment about how tim_tam kindly photo-shopped the photo for her. Nothing. Not a scerrick! I felt a little bit hurt by this so I sent her a PM saying congratulation on getting into the Spotlight and she must feel over the moon. I also said that I was a little bit hurt that she hadn’t mentioned that I photo-shopped the photo for her. Wished her well and that was it. Well I’ve had no reply to that PM either 😦 Do you think I’m just being silly? It’s not like I’m asking for great, big accolades or anything…just a little recognition. Does that make me vain? Selfish? I think not…because if someone helped me with something then I’d be singing their praises from the rooftops…especially if I won because of it 😦 Anyway that’s enough pooie from me..

I wanted to share something. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. I certainly don’t endorse smoking but this just freaked me out!! Last night when I was sitting on the back step, talking to DH on the telephone, I lit up a smoke, took one drag and then looked down at the butt and saw this…………………………………………………………………………………. Now it might be my overactive imagination but does that look like a smilie face to you?????? How freaky is that! I put it out straight away because I wnated to show DH when he got home PMSLOL! Hye hun look at my butt 😛 I showed DS and he promtly told me I should sell it on ebay PMSLOL. Then I thought maybe I should…I’ve heard of a peice of toast and even a corn flake being sold on ebay before, so why not a cigarette with a smilie face in nicotine on the butt! What do you guys think? Should I try selling it on ebay? and if so what would be my starting price??? 😛
Gee wizz it’s been so bloody hot here this last week. 38 today with tomorrow and Sunday being 40. Who ever turned the dial up on the sun please turn it down a notch or two! I’ve had enough 😛 Still don’t know if I’ll go to the Morphettville Scrapbooking fair on Sunday. It’s going to be soooo darn hot and I would be going on my own and I’m not sure if any of the Scrapboxx girls are going to be there. That’s the main reason I want to go. I want to met some of you lovely ladies IRL 😉 But who in their right minds goes out in this heat 🙄

When I picked Talissa up from kindy yesterday I had the window cover in the window. When I took it off she starts crying, saying the suns too hot and she can’t see!!! When I asked her what she’d like me to do about it, she promptly told me to put the screen back on the window. When I asked how I was going to see, to drive the care, she said she didn’t know. Quite frankly she didn’t care PMSLOL!!!!

I also wanted to thank Mardi for her Email. Thanks Mardi.
Take care all.
Tammy ♥

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  1. Mardi permalink
    February 20, 2007 10:37 pm

    Hi Tammy….. you are not over-reacting…that is so unfair not to give credit where it is due….Grrrr…I know just recently a layout went through the Boxx gallery that was a direct lift of my layout which was still in the gallery page at the time….first I was delighted…but then when I read..I realised it was being claimed as their own…and yet there was way too much similarity….I was a little hurt not to be acknowledged too…so I can relate perfectly.

    LOL at the cigarette….Im ot sure what the asking price would be….but keep us informed.

    …oh and you are very welcome on the email….I hope it helped in a little way…and remember Im always around for a chat….
    Mardi x

  2. TatumW permalink
    February 20, 2007 7:33 am

    I know exactly how you would feel Tammy, definately not over reacting or being vain…it’s not hard to acknowledge someone else’s work and only fair to do so!

    Pity about the hot weather!

    Have a great week. Tatum xx

  3. Scraphappy Mel permalink
    February 19, 2007 9:52 pm

    I would have done the exact same thing Tam. I can’t believe she didn’t credit your work. That’s just plain Rude.

    Whoah, that Cigarette is just odd!! Definitely sell it on Ebay – could make you rich!!

    Sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up on Sunday, I was looking out for you.


  4. Jahnava permalink
    February 18, 2007 1:11 pm

    wow thats freakt that ciggarette!!! lol,

    And yeh i can see why your spitin chips! that is just not what you do! (quite frankly lol) no but seriously its not !


  5. Julie permalink
    February 17, 2007 1:52 am

    like julie I don’t think you are asking too much to expect a little credit for a job you did.

    LOL at Talissa. Asher comes out with whoppers sometimes too.

    Like your smily face.

  6. Scrapbook WithVanilla permalink
    February 17, 2007 1:51 am

    Tam, you are so NOT over reacting! It’s like the basic rule of scraplifting: GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!!!!
    So don’t feel bad, some people are just not caring! At least she didn’t post a “how to photoshop” thread! LOL
    You know what they say about Karma!! She will get what’s coming to her 🙂 And so will you = I mean helping out and stuff!!
    Go for the ebay thing, that is way cool!!!

  7. Julie permalink
    February 16, 2007 10:21 am

    NO I don’t think ur being vain in n e way Tam, it’s just the fact that she couldn’t give credit where it was due….reguardless of the fact that she was in the spotlight for the week.
    Yeh put that on ebay….ya never know!!
    PMSL @ Talissa….the things they come out with.

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