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Give the dog a bone

April 27, 2007

I finished this LO of Max tonight and wanted to upload it ASAP!! So I scanned it. The buttons are a bit lumpy so the scan isn’t all that great, but you get the idea 🙂 I love these photo’s of Max and his big, puppy dog eyes…awwwwww! Makes me want to grab him and rub my face in his supersoft fur 😀 I used the LHS photo in a photo competition on the Aussie Pub Calls blog. It didn’t win any prizes so I thought I’d scrap them 😉 That and the fact that I couldn’t find any nice PP to go with Dwayne’s school photo. Grrrr!!! 😡  Dontcha hate that! Sharryns blog, Scrap the Boys is having a comp to scrap your son’s school photo’s. I have the photo, just not the PP. Oh well, looks like another trip to the LSS. Hehehe.
The competition for this months scrapjack is closed at Aussie Scrapjacked, and we are all waiting eagerly for the winner to be announced. I’m pretty sure I bummed out as some of the LO’s are so totally awesome!! That’ll teach me for being so impatient LOL!! FAMILY NEWS: Our sleepout that we’ve been waiting over two years for has finally arrived for Dwayne. Today is the first day of rain that we’ve had in months, so guess they had to deliver it today. Murphy’s law really 🙄 Also made it really hard for me to get out and take any decent photo’s. Most of them were taken through the lounge room window but the kids absolutely loved watching the crane set up and lift the sleepout over the house 🙂

They ripped off one of the gutters in the delivery process and it also has two huge awnings that go on each side of the unit but it is quite big! Bigger than I thought it was going to be.

Once we have it all established and all together, I’ll post some more pics. No they didn’t run over my tree. They drove out and backed in again…chewing up the “grass” in front of the letter box. Also see how dead the grass is! 😡 Not happy Jan.

Well that’s about all for tonight, I’m getting the wind up from DH.
Take care all.
Tammy X

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  1. Mistra permalink
    April 28, 2007 6:33 pm

    I soo love that LO… I say that a lot to you don’t I! But those gorgeous puppy expressions…awww!!

    The sleepout look so cute, will be well used I’m sure!!

  2. Mardi permalink
    April 27, 2007 10:41 am

    Ohhh Wow Tammy…..that is the most gorgeous layout..I just love the bright green against his bautiful brown eyes….stunning!

    …and how exciting to have the new sleepout delivered…. even if it was in the rain….looking forward to seeing more photos as you complete it..

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