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[91] Japanese human art

May 28, 2007

As you can see I’ve added my blogger post numbers in my topic heading so you can easily see where I’m up too, in regards to my 100th post.
Nothing really to blog about today. Talissa had another day off school so I took her to the doctors and he said she’s fine, so I’ll be sending her to school tomorrow. Oh when I was at the Doctors his mobile phone rang…his ringtone sounded like one of those old fashioned, black, bake alight phones…so while he’s talking Conner was sitting in his pram, loudly going…bbbbring, bbbbbbring, bbbbbbbring, bbbbbbring PMSLOL…it was so funny.
I found this YouTube video tonight and thought it was very clever. It’s called Japanese human art. This group of Japanses people are preforming for a TV show.
I hope this works as I’ve never added a YouTube video clip to my blog before…so wish me luck…and Aunty B… :P…hehehe love ya
If your not sure how to work it just click on the BIG arrow in the very middle of the clip 😉

Love to you all.
Tammy X

Oh goody it looks like it worked!

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