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[94] Bumped noggin & a death in the family

June 2, 2007

Well today hasn’t been a very good day for the kids 😦
Conner tripped over a couch pillow and hit his head on the coffee table. Poor little bugga…he had an instant bump on his noggin’. I spent about 20 minutes with a medi-teddy icepack on his head, trying to get the swelling down. I did a better job than what I thought as by tonight the bump was gone but he has a nasty bruise on his head.
Once he was off and running I got the camera and he just wanted to sit there and smile for me the little trooper. Kids are so funny sometimes *sigh*
Then after the rain stopped and we ventured outside to hang some washing I noticed that the guinea pig was at the front of his enclosure…but he wasn’t chittering to me…and he always greets me when he hears the back door open.
Poor Playto had passed away sometime early in the morning.
I know that because I heard him late last night, when I went and locked the back door.
So we had a little funeral for him. We dug a grave next to his hutch and Talissa wanted to hold him, Jason got some paper towels and let Talissa get him out and put him in a postpak box…then we posted him to heaven. She didn’t seem all that upset & wanted to help put the dirt over him and then she even jumped up and down on the top to flatten it out! We put a large garden stone over his grave and I wrote R.I.P on it. So we can always remember him.
When she did come inside she sat down and drew some pictures of his burial and of him drinking and his water bowl and even some of his poo. Aren’t kids just amazing at expressing themselves sometimes.

I think I was more upset than anyone else 😦
*sigh* so that’s just one part of my day….
The Aussie Scrapjacked blog has updated today with the announcement of a new DT member. Little ol’ me 😀 I’m still getting butterflies in my tummy when I read the post. I really do feel so honoured. So go and have a look at the Aussie Scrapjacked blog. The jackers LO’s look awesome and I feel so privileged to work with these talented ladies 🙂
So pretty much from one extreme to the other for emotions today.

I thought I might upload a tribute to Playto. This is a layout I did for the day we got Playto and Talissa was sitting outside holding and getting to know him. I just love the look on her face.

Take care all and give your guinea pigs an extra carrot from the Templeton family tonight.

Tammy X

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Mardi permalink
    June 4, 2007 1:25 am

    Tammy…Im so sorry to hear about poor Playto…

    …but a huge congratulations on the scrapjacked DT spot…thats just wonderful… its such a fabulous and inspirational blog..

    Mardi x

  2. Anonymous permalink
    June 3, 2007 1:10 am

    does that mean i gotta give mine two lots ? 🙂 hope connor is feeling better, going to give carrots now. itsbeen bloody cold lately wouldnt be suprided if im down a pig or two shortly !

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