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[95] June’s Jack

June 5, 2007

Time to upload my DT layout for Aussie Scrapjacked. This months Jackee is Jo Carey. I loved her LO and it was a great one to Jack. I did this LO about Conner and his addiction to Wags the Dog and anything Wiggles related. He loves this Wags the dog jumper so much that he has trouble wearing it! I think he’d rather look at it than wear it. LOL. He sleeps with Dory & Wagsie. So cute. I love the his names for them. That photo in the bottom right looks a little bit like an evil Conner though, dontcha think!! He’s not in the least though, he really is such a gorgeous little boy. Oh and his head is just fine, thank you everyone that asked after him. He just has a yellowing bruise now 😉
As for Playto the kids don’t seem too fussed that he’s gone 😦 but I miss his little, happy squeaks.
I’d also like to point out that my DH has just started blogging —————————> his link is in my links list. I warn you though its mainly about his cars and other, rather odd, interests!
Nothing much else to blog about except I spent from 11.30am till 2.40 in the Family Assist website trying to work out stuff!! Absolutely hopeless. I hate government forms. Have you noticed how complicated everything is becoming!

Stay warm and dry,
Love to you all,
Tammy X

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