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Birthday boy – 16

July 4, 2007

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY DWAYNE!!!!!!!! 😀 Have a look at my gorgeous boy. I still can’t believe that Dwayne is 16. Old enough to get his license and drive a car (shock intake of breath!) He isn’t in too much of a hurry to get it though, due to the cost. Here he is blowing out his 16 candles. He even shared and re-lit them so Conner could have a turn blowing them out. Even if he did a big slobbery blow LMAO! We gave that bit to Conner. 😛 I’ve also finished sewing another tote bag. I love how this one turned out. Gorgeous flowery material and it has more room than the other bag. The opening is a LOT bigger. It’s a bit hard to tell but the black piece along the bottom is actually a big pocket, divided down the middle. With the same on the back.
Well that’s it for now. I worked today and will be working tomorrow and Friday so nothing exciting to blog about 🙂

Take care all
Tammy X X X

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