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July 26, 2007

More exciting news! I’ve had another LO accepted for publication in For Keeps. Woohoo!!!!! Finally I’m on a roll & I hope it keeps on rolling for me 😀
I have a LO in the current issue of FK’s too (issue 57). The pets gallery with a Max LO 🙂
I’m looking forward to seeing this one on the glossy pages 😀
Some other page shares are…
Sketches Oz blog has been updated and if your looking for a sketch for inspiration then this fortnights sketches are fantastic. Not only do we have a guest sketch by Mel Diener but the DT girls have also done up some sketches too. So there are a few to get the juices flowing.
This first sketch LO is my take on Mel Diener’s sketch. Titled The garter, the journalling reads “No I don’t need directions! I know it’s here somewhere? … Was that a groan I just heard LMAO!! Well I thought it was funny 😛
I also used the Scrapboxx BOS (Boxx Of Scraps) for this LO and I totally love this kit. It also has velvet papers. YUMMY!!
The next LO is my LO using the Rasberry packs that where sent from Rasberry for the DT girls – aren’t I lucky!!. Totally love how this LO turned out. I used the photo of Talissa modelling my tote bag 😀 She looks so cute 🙂
I have also been busy doing LO’s for two different DT competitions! I love how my LO for the SnC competition turned out but I can’t share that until the comp is over or I get eliminated & the LO for Scrapworld isn’t quite finished yet – it’s missing “something” but I can’t quite figure out what it is yet LMAO!

OTHER NEWS: Mardi is back from her family holiday!! HI MARDI! Sounds like you had a total blast, buggar that I couldn’t go, but I doubt I would have fit in yer suitcase anyway LOL.
Talissa is home from school today. She had a very upset tummy this morning and was sitting on the toilet for a while, so I thought I’d keep her home. Don’t want her sharing tummy bugs with the other kids *sigh* She’s already running around complaining that she’s bored and it’s only 10am.
I have sold one of my tote bags..Ceecee from the Boxx bought that one 😀 I still have another 3 on ETSY, so if you want one jump right in a buy one now! There is a link at the very top right of my blog. Just click on the tote bag picture and it’ll take you there.
Perhaps I got a little too enthusiastic and should have started off with one 🙂 But my Aunty has put an order in for a purple one and someone left a comment on ETSY asking if I can make them in different colours, so that’s very exciting 🙂
Well that’s my share for today. I hope you had fun checking out my new creations 🙂
Take care all
Tammy X X

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  1. Linda permalink
    July 27, 2007 4:14 am

    A big congratulations Tammy on your mag acceptances, how exciting for you! Your layouts look awesome!

  2. Jodie permalink
    July 26, 2007 9:07 pm

    Hi, congrats on the new submission acceptence, and the one in this mag.
    definatly guna have to buy it, LOVE PET LAYOUTS! and yours is simply stunning.
    i reallly love your work!!!
    such an inspiration glad ive found you in cyberspace


  3. Mardi permalink
    July 26, 2007 7:06 pm

    Hi Tammy…. Im puffed out!! Ive just read through all your news trying to catch up from where I left off….man you have been busy!!!
    I am thrilled thrilled thrilled to see you having so much success with your layout publications…

    …sorry to hear the kids have been unwell … and reading about the night after their flu shots made me feel sooooo sorry for you…that would have been awful.

    Love your tote bags…and what a super idea to sell on etsy…

    Gee…what else?…. Happy Birthdays… a tag I need to answer…a DT comp (best of luck)…and some absolutley gorgeous layouts…

    see…its no wonder Im puffed!!
    Mardi x

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