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A day of fog

July 30, 2007

Wow what a morning I had. The fog was sooo thick, it was really quite eerie. Here I am travelling down South Road coming up to the Cross Roads bridge. The bridge is actually between those two massive gum trees…about half way up the tree’s actually but you can’t even see it…eerie…like I said. This was the view from the drivers seat, in peak hour traffic on the way to work this morning. Don’t worry, it was all quite safe as the traffic only moves along at a crawl and stops every 100 meters or so, so it’s quite easy to take pictures LOL! this one is coming down the other side of the Cross Roads bridge.
So travelling to work was kinda fun this morning. Work was work, nothing to write home about. Talissa had today off of school as she had a horse cough last night. Jason took her to the Doctor who said she had a virus and to keep her warm. When they got home she started vomiting…Oh yay! Poor kiddo. Dwayne has sh!t on the liver from the time he got out of bed – had a go at us for letting Talissa stay home from school (even though she actually wanted to go). I got a call from Jason about lunch time to tell me that Dwayne had come home from school because he “wasn’t feeling well” yeah, well that’s to be decided!
When I got home from work Talissa told me that she was sick and that she had vomited. She got a cuddle and a kiss…Dwayne walks in and says…you know that Boss in Zelda – well I bet it. So I guess he wasn’t too sick huh! Then he brings me in this form for school and starts on at me. blah, blah, blah …so I just lost it and started yelling at him that I was sick of his whole…I’m to stoopid…I don’t know how to do it attitude and to just fudge off to his room and not to come back in until he can think and talk like an adult! So he storms out, kicking the dog out of his way, punches three holes in his door, packs a bag and leaves. Phut! And again it will be everyone else’s fault. He just won’t take any responsiblity – not for anything and basically my angry container had reached the top and flowed over (that’s how I explained my outburst to Talissa). More was said by both sides but I just can’t bring myself to type out my outburst and I broke a plate in my anger 😡
So I feel fairly blah! ATM
What is it with Teenagers! I am positive I was never this bad with attitude. And I’m not just saying that to make myself feel better either. Everyone that I talk too has the same things to say. They just behave as if the world owes them everything but they don’t have to do anything to earn it!
So if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment!! Anything!
Take care
Tammy X

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