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Week 4 DT comp @ Scrapworld

August 3, 2007

Well I finished my week 4 DT competition LO. This weeks theme is from the show Biggest loser, we had a list of 6 products/techniques to use and here is my effort. Not all together happy with how this one turned out but the story is one that was just begging to be told 🙂 The journalling on the PULL out tag reads:
This is Ted, Teddy, Teddy Bear and has also been known as Old McDonald. Teddy is nearly 5 years old and has seen many different places. He has been to visit family and friends. He’s been shopping, to the zoo, to both mum & dad’s work, to playgroup, to the doctors and the hospital & even in an ambulance. He’s been known to dry tears and even wipe noses (well Talissa’s nose) He’s been around the backyard in Max’s mouth. He’s been places that Talissa couldn’t go, like the washing machine, the dryer and has even experienced hanging around on the clothesline on more than one occasion. Oh! The experiences & secrets this little bear could share if only he could…but perhaps he can, well for one little girls anyway. Date: 1/08/07
So there you go. I asked her today if she’d like me to unpick his back and put more stuffing in him to plump him up – he’s looking rather flat LMAO! She was quite happy about that but I didn’t get around to it, so maybe I’ll put that on my list of things to do tomorrow.
NEWS FLASH: I’ve just come from Scrapworld where it’s just been announced that one of the DT members has had to step down.

“AS QUOTED BY MELISSAH” : Well girls I have been thinking and with the resignation of one of our DT members before this competition started I have decided that I am going to offer 2 PERMANENT DESIGN TEAM SPOTS as well as the Runner Up Guest DT Spot!!!!

The first DT spot will be awarded the same, via the Voting System!

The second DT spot will be picked by me and will be awarded on Overall Merit, Design, Personality/Individuality, Color Use and Creativity and who I think would fit best in our team!

Both will be announced once the competition finishes!! “END QUOTE”
So there is some excitement happening on the boards over at Scrapworld.
Talissa is on the mend today and didn’t have any vomiting…phew!! Such a relief. I hate my little chookins’ being sick 😦 and tomorrow is a student free day so that’s an extra day plus the weekend for her tummy to recover.
Well it’s late so I’d better head off to bed now.
Take care all.
Tammy X X

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  1. Mardi permalink
    August 6, 2007 9:19 am

    Hi Tammy…. best of luck in the Scrapworld DT comp… your work is always so gorgeous !!(beautiful Teddy bear layout)…..and I hope your kiddos are feeling better again too…
    Mardi x

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