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So who invented the flu? Come over here!!!

August 17, 2007

If I find whoever it is that invented the flu I’m going to have very strong words with them. Grrrrrr!!!! Poor Jason is home from work today with the flu. He worked yesterday and every time he rang he sounded terrible. I had to get angry with him and tell him not to go to work today. He gives that place way to much – and I’m sure if something happened to him, his boss wouldn’t ring me and say gee I’m really sorry but thanks for letting him work while his was sick. Mongrels. I made him an appointment today with the Dr and they put him straight onto antibiotics!!!!!!!!! Shock bloody horror, say I! So hopefully that will nip it in the bud before any infection sets in. He’s still going to work tomorrow night and Sunday (nightshift) I think if he was on his death bed he’d get me to wheel it on over to work…because it’s weekend work and nightshift to boot…so plenty of overtime pay…well I don’t friggin care about overtime pay. I’d rather have a healthy husband thank you very much.
Ok off my soapbox now LOL.
Talissa is doing extremely well at school. Her teacher tested her the other day and she is in the top 98% of her class in reading…so WOOHOOO!!! I am so proud of her and gave her lots of special hugs and kisses. Mrs Powell is off sick today. She was vomiting at school yesterday the poor thing, so I hope she’s better soon.I took this photo of Talissa at the zoo the last time we went. She is actually standing in from of a huge sign but it looks effective, like a ginormous ladybig is about to drop on her head LMAO. I’ve entered this photo into SnC photo of the month.
I’ve just sent in my round 5 DT competition LO to Scrap’N’Crazy. It’s getting very exciting now and this is the second to last week and we are slowly being eliminated, phew! Nail biting stuff this LOL. So after this weeks judging, if I get through this round, there will only be on week left!!

I also sent in my week 6 of the Scrapworld DT competition LO, which was to scrap a LO based around an ad – which we had to find and upload as well. I tell you the talent in both these competitions is awesome!!! I have no idea how I’m doing in the Scrapworld comp as there is no eliminations – the DT girls judge each week as do the forum girls. So there are points adding up but who for??? I have no idea LMAO – so I just have to wait for the end of that one. There are 9 rounds in the Scrapworld comp.
I found a fantastic blog last week while at work (ah-hahum) It’s called Honeysuckle Cottage & they sell heaps of stuff for sewing. I purchase one of their new pattern…a gorgeous Giraffe, Called Mrs. Perkins…which you can see here. I know I already have more than enough to do so why did I buy a sewing pattern…because it is absolutely gorgeous! They do dolls, and toys and quilts and bags so pop over and have a look.

I am also in the processes of changing my email address. I’m currently using a Yahoo email account but nearly every single email I’m sending ATM bounces back and I’m sick to death of it. I’ve contacted Yahoo, who tell me it’s a spam filter on thje recievers end, I’ve contacted Bigpond, which is where all myemails are bouncing back and they tell me they can’t do anything because they use a thrid party spam filter and to contact them. So I go to that website and it asked for my IP, which I put into their search engine and it says it can’t find it on any of their lists…ok back to emailing…nope all bouncing still, so I go back to the anti-spam site and click on their contact us link – which is by email DER!!!!! If friggin bounced back saying it didn’t like the recipient LMAO!!! Is someone trying to tell me something you think?? So my emails are bouncing and the only thing that can help me is an anti-spam site that bounces my emails – go figure. So if their not going to help me I’ll just change my email address. You can all still contact me on my Yahoo email but I probably won’t be able to reply to you *sigh* The main ones bouncing are to Bigpond and some hotmail.
I tried to sign up for a hotmail account but did you know that they won’t let you send and recieve email by POP3 anymore. It’s a paid for service now (although DH has a hotmail account and his is still free, so I’m guessing that it’s just for new users…so I’ve gone with a Gmail (google) mail account. I’m still ironing out the bugs (about all the good an iron is for LMAO) So expect an email from me soon with my new email account.
Oh I’ve also signed up with MSN so if you want to chat with me online then just zip me an email with your msn.
I can’t think of anything else to update ATM so bye for now
TAmmy X X

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  1. Karen permalink
    August 20, 2007 1:41 pm

    You certaily have been a busy bee havent you Tammy! Loving all your work.
    Good luck with all the DT comps your trying out for, your sure to get far in them all because you are a fabulous scrapper!
    Hope all the germies leave you soon…

  2. Julie permalink
    August 20, 2007 12:24 pm

    me again forgot to add like ur new banner!

  3. Julie permalink
    August 20, 2007 12:23 pm

    Yeh I’d think we’d all string them up if we knew who invented the flu!
    Glenn’s the same when it comes to work. Hope he get’s betta real quick & doesn’t get that other one that’s been buzzing around everywhere.
    The pic looks great Tam.
    *fingers crossed for ya to get to the last week…I have no doubts that u will.
    That’s weird stuff with ya email….my MSN buggered up last week but got another hotmail account no worries…
    take care

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