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One sore & sorry puppy

September 4, 2007

Our furbaby Max had his vet appointment yesterday. He had the snip, was microchipped and had his dew claws removed. They also put a tattoo in each ear. One for desexing and one for microchipping…so I’m guessing he’s fairly sore all over! When I went down to the vets to pick him up he had one of those elizabethian collars on {you know the old bucket head trick} and he was so happy to see me {albeit a bit wonky} The thing is I started crying. Not because I had missed him and was happy to see him, although I was. You see I am such an animal person, I love all animals and hate seeing them when they are hurt…and in my mind I had paid someone to hurt my puppy! LMAO

How sad am I?! I know that this is all in his best interest but I still took him somewhere that hurt him I had to control myself all the way home from bursting into tears! I’m such a sooky la la!
I’ve also been playing with our new camera. We bought a Canon Powershot A550 {not that that means a lot to me LOL} but it’s a 7.1mega pixel with a 4X zoom. Still doesn’t mean much, well apart from the megapixels. I know that the higher that is then the better the photo. Anyway I was playing with the macro setting today and got this fabulous picture of a tiny bug {about 3mm} on a daisy flower. If you click on the image you can see a larger picture, which really shows the detail. Doesn’t that flower look so pretty. Have to love spring and all the flowers and little critters.

That’s about all for today. I’ve been busy sewing my auntie a purple tote bag – which I’ll take a piccie of and upload before I send it to her.

Now go out and soak up that gorgeous sunshine before it gets to hot – unless of course your reading this after dark, then perhaps just wait until tomorrow 😀
Take care
Tammy ♥

PS: Linda Jo & Jodee76 I need you to email me your addresses so I can send you your handmade gift 🙂 {see previous post}

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  1. Rebekkah permalink
    September 4, 2007 2:29 pm

    Hey Tammy

    Oh Poor Max. My dog Hamish had the same thing when he had his operation too and then again when he hurt his leg. You feel so bad, taking them there, knowing what they have instore for them and knowing how sore they will be later.. but i am sure all the extra attention he is getting will help him recover very fast. Good luck with your subbs.

    Becky -(Arty Pants)

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