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The countdown begins…

September 5, 2007

Scrapworlds search for a Design Team member ends tonight. *Phew!* The waiting is soooooooo hard! I tried my best again. I love all the LO’s & BTP item that I submitted. Tonight at 8pm is the big moment of truth! If I had to pick someone that I thought was going to be the winner I would have to say Ann-marie (Binxcat1) All her LO’s were totally fabulous. I’d put a link up for her but Ann-marie doesn’t appear to have a blog, well one that I could find LOL. I would have to say though that everyone’s LO’s were totally rocking, such fabulous work was submitted. I also want to say….

………………………..*~*~*~GOOD LUCK*~*~*~…………………………….

to EVERYONE that entered. I’ll probably see you all tonight at Scrapworld for the announcement.
So what have I been up to today? Well my gorgeous Auntie Ann-marie (different person to the above :P) asked me to make her a tote bag in purple…so I have been a busy little bee sewing up a storm again. I finished her bag and added the little butterflies she sent me and added the stamping with the words she asked for. So what do you think of my tote in purple? Looks nice I think.
I also had enough material left to make her Mrs. Perkins the Giraffe. She is so adorable and a bit bigger than I thought she was going to be! If you click on the image below you can see it bigger. If you like Mrs. Perkins and would like to make one yourself, you can get the pattern HERE. Honeysuckle cottage has lots of amazing patterns for all kinds of things.
In other news…I had to take Max back to the vets yesterday as he managed to get his tongue past his collar and was licking his stitches, so they had to put a bigger collar on him.
The little bugger has been one step behind me all night and all day today. Not a bad thing you think? Well it is when every step gets a bucket into the back of your legs…grrrrr!!! It’s starting to hurt!! He has managed to be able to pick up his toys though and throw them around for himself PMSLOL! He’s so funny. Every now and then he’ll run around in circles trying to lick himself or he tries to scratch an ear but just gets the collar. ahahaha!! It’s funny but I guess you really need to be there 😛

The kids have colds again and Conner has that yummy green snot thing happening…ewwwwwww!!!!…Oh but it’s sooo disgusting!
We are looking at taking the kids to the Royal Adelaide Show this year. They haven’t been yet so that should be exciting.

Well I’m off to make dinner now and then I guess I’ll be stalking Scrapworld to see who the winners are.
Take care all
Tammy ♥

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  1. mellyandrosie permalink
    September 5, 2007 6:55 pm

    OMG Tammy!!!! Mrs Perkins is absolutely DARLING in purple – I LOVE it!!!! You have done our pattern very proud – I think I need a purple one now!!! =)

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