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An Xray view

October 5, 2007

Ok well here is the Xray – just for those of you that like to look at these things. I’ve put an arrow to show the break. Dwayne was telling me the other day that he didn’t think it was broken because it didn’t hurt. So I showed him his Xray and said see that bit sticking out there – well that’s not meant to look like that, so yes Dwayne, it is definitely broken. Goose.Aussie Scrapjacked has been updated and the new Design Team jacks are up. Here is my jack for this month. Titled Laughing clowns. These photo’s are of Talissa at this years Royal Adelaide Show. She loves playing the Laughing Clowns sideshow and I loved the photo’s I got with our new camera. I’ve used Bella! jewels and Bella! chipboard shapes. If you click on the LO above and check out the third photo from the left you can see my fabulous photography skills. I snapped the ball just on the edge of the clowns mouth before it dropped in…Oh yeah!! I rock.

“Pay It Forward” I finally finished my handmade gifts for my PIF girls and posted them off today. I really hope you girls like your gifts 😀

LAPTOP UPDATE: Yippee we finally got our laptop and DH has been trying to configure the wireless connection so that I can connect to the internet. Jason got that done lastnight, so now we can both go on the net at the same time. WOOHOO! No excuses now. No fighting over for the computer if there is a cybercrop and I can have it on the dining room table where all my scrap stuff is and still be able to chat.

ERICA GLOVER come on down…to Adelaide that is. Yep you heard right. Erica is moving to Adelaide. DH’s comment. Oh yay now I’m going to have a groupie in the family…heehee. I hope I can catch up with Erica before she moves again LMAO.

Can’t think of anything else to blog about ATM.
Take care all.
Tammy X

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  1. jodee76 permalink
    October 8, 2007 9:35 pm

    Was not expecting to recieve something so amazing! I absolutely love it! Thankyou so much Tammy!

    From Jodie

  2. Jo Amato permalink
    October 8, 2007 12:24 pm

    Tammy Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made my day today when there was a knock at the door & I recieved the most gorgeous handmade giraffe from you. You are so clever & I just luv it to bits.
    I was having a terrible morning with my 13yr old , whinging about not enough money for him to buy golf stuff. So this was a lovely diversion

    Thank you

    Jo XXXX

  3. Julie permalink
    October 6, 2007 10:53 pm

    yes I am one of those ones that like to look @ xray’s & medical shows too. lol
    Toot toot on the action shot!
    see ya GROUPIE!
    Have a great weekend & thanks for visiting me 🙂

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