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Pay it forward warmly recieved

October 9, 2007

Well two of the three ladies that I made handmade gifts for have let me know that their gift had arrived and the thank yous and the love was an amazing feeling 😀 It truly made me feel happy and special and gave me warm fuzzies to know that something that I had loving made, is now sitting in their house being appreciated *ahhhhhhh!* I’m glad you liked your gifts girls 🙂 I will post photo’s as soon as I’ve heard from Linda that her gift has arrived safe and sound.

For now I have some pictures of my ugly mug to share LMAO! I hate looking at photo’s of myself. I always think…arrgh, do I really look like that? I’m getting fat?! and is that a double chin. Oh well when I was showing the kids they where going OOOO beautiful mummy!! But I guess mummys always look beautiful to their children LOL!
I took these photo’s of me at work today. I work in a plan room for the Australian Railways and thought that the photo’s of the draws looked quite good on an angle…heehee – more playing around with my new phone. I really hope no one was looking through the window while I was dancing around, pulling faces and taking photo’s of myself! LOL!
These are just ‘some’ of the draws that fill two huge rooms where I work. The drawings of plans are all flat and there can be upwards of 600 drawings per draw (in the wooden draws) Very old drawings too. Some have dates on them from the 1890’s – so over 100 years old. Some are really easy to scan, some are dreadful, they fall apart or rip as they are being fed through the scanner. There are around a quarter of a million drawings here and my job is to scan them all into the computer. Should only take about 5 years of 5 days a week scanning LMAO! and since I don’t actually work 5 days a week I think I’m pretty well set for work for the next oh say 10 years!! OK that’s enough about me and my job. I just thought it might be interesting to blog about my day job.

I’ve been rather busy sewing giraffes too. I made a pink one for Talissa, a lady at school ordered a pink one for her daughter as a Chrissie present and I also made one for Talissa’s teacher, for Talissa to give to her as a thank you present for teaching her throughout the year. I finished making Conner a blue one last night & my auntie wants me to make a blue one for a friend that’s having a baby in November – a boy! heehee. So I will takes some pictures of those in the next few days so you can see what they look like in different colours.

Kylie Minogue has a new single out called White Diamond & I totally love the little bit I’ve heard on her site. It’s being released in the UK tomorrow at 7.50am and I want it NOW!!!!

Thanks for stopping by 😀
Tammy ♥

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  1. Julie permalink
    October 10, 2007 8:15 pm

    I was thinking the same as Jane…great scrapp’n storage which I totally lack!
    I hate pic’s of me too, Y is it that we pick on ourselves?
    LOL I can just see u standing on ur head to get that perfect shot.
    WOW Tam. pieces of history. Great job to go into to….enough work to feed ur scrap obession. lol
    Can’t wait to see the rainbow of giraffes.

  2. jane fitchett permalink
    October 9, 2007 9:31 pm

    hi tammy
    your post about you blog is so interesting- i tell you i would kill for a set of those drawers (almost)
    happy scanning- youre preserving the past for the railways, just like we preserve the past for our families:)

    love those photos too

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