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October 11, 2007

Well I have been sewing up a storm lately. I finished my “pay it forward” gifts and sent them onto the lovely ladies. I made them each a giraffe ~ & they were greatly received. I don’t know what happened to Jo’s giraffe?! He looks a bit shocked, so I named him the “OMG we’ve won lotto” giraffe PMSLOL!! So there you go Jo, you very own good luck giraffe 😛
I’m still waiting to hear back from Linda but I’m sure hers has arrived by now too, so I’m hoping I haven’t spoiled the surprise. I’ve also made a Giraffe each for Talissa & Conner. Talissa named hers Pinkiesplogges, please forgive me if I’ve spelt it wrong. I’m not all that sure how to actually spell splogges?! Is it splogges or splojjes….hmmmm, just doesn’t look right LMAO! Ok the spell checker has just informed me that it’s actually Splodges! So there you go. I definitely got it wrong hey ahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
So introducing “Pinkiesplodges”
And this one is Conner’s. He hasn’t named his yet but I just ♥ that spiky, punk haircut! I used sparkly blue embroidery floss on Conners and I ♥ it!! I will have to use that on the next ones I make. In other news: I went back to DREAMLAND today a very pissed off customer to say the least! Remember me telling you that I had bought Talissa a new bed, then the guy rings me to tell me they were out of stock at the warehouse and it would be another 3 weeks. Ok I am a patient woman and I thought 3 weeks! Shit! but I can wait that long. Anyway, Tuesday the 3 weeks were up and no phone call? (insert angry face here!) So yesterday I ring DREAMLAND and they guy tells me he’ll check a new ETA and ring me back. So he rings me back giving me a spiel about how the ship is stuck in the shipping lanes and he doesn’t know when they will be in. So my ETA went from one week, to 3 weeks to NFI! Not good enough! Perhaps if he’d said another couple of weeks or blah, blah blah…but no eta at all?!I done my banana today, went online shopping and found this absolutely gorgeous bed at FREEDOM called Celeste. The wall paint in this photo is almost identical to what Tissy has in her room and she has a gorgeous new pink My Little Ponies quilt cover, so I’m guessing her room will look quite similar to this when her new bed arrives on MONDAY!!! Hello dreamland….MONDAY!!!!!!! & I only ordered it today!!!!!! from FREEDOM!!!! So suck that (sticks out tongue). I went straight back to dreamland and told the lady I want my money refunded thank you. When she asked why and I told her my updated ETA was ‘I don’t know?’, I told her I thought I had been more than patient and that I had just bought a new bed elsewhere. Can you tell I’m pissed with dreamland and very happy with the service from FREEDOM!!!!!! LMAO. Don’t mess with this little black duck!
I showed Tis the picture of the bed I had bought and asked her what she thought. She pointed at different things in the picture saying “can I get that & that & that chair too 😀 😀 heeheee, so cute. I so love buying her girly pink stuff 😉

So that’s my news for today.
Take care
Tammy ♥

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  1. judee d permalink
    October 14, 2007 10:28 pm

    I just love your giraffes. The one Jodie got was absolutely georgeous. You have done a marvelous job. You shold be selling these.
    As far as the bed is concerned, just love the new one and yes you were very patient. It sounds that you are someone like me. Wait until necessary and then blow. Good on you girl.
    BTW. If you don’t know me I also am a co-owner of Arty pants and Jodies mum.
    Keep smiling and healthy

  2. Leeann permalink
    October 13, 2007 5:30 pm

    You go girl…sort them out…LOL..I love your giraffes they are gorgeous you are so very clever….keep up the great creation and LO’s…

  3. Anonymous permalink
    October 12, 2007 9:20 pm

    Oh Tammy I would be pissed off waiting 3 weeks for a bed delivery too. Very well done getting another bed so quickly elsewhere. It looks perfect and I am sure Talissa will love it.

    Amanda’s bed is sooooo boring compared to this pretty one in the photo….lol

    Have a wonderful week end and keep smiling. From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

  4. Maursie permalink
    October 12, 2007 1:19 am

    ROFLMAO – OMG u sound just like me. I would have done my nanna too!!!! There is just no customer service in sooooo many shops these days. Good on you for standing up for yourself.
    LOVE those giraffes – exceptionally gorgeous!!!!
    Cant wait to see the room when your bed arrives tomorrow!!!!
    Maursie xo

  5. Toni permalink
    October 11, 2007 11:28 pm

    Id be annoyed too Tammy…. Good on you for standing up to them!
    Hope Talissa loves her new bed when it arrives Monday!

    And I love love love those giraffes… how cute are they!

  6. karenday permalink
    October 11, 2007 10:44 pm

    id be so annoyed too!! lovin those giraffes! how cute!!!! and i love the new bed. i want brianna to have a room just like the one in the pic!

  7. Sheree permalink
    October 11, 2007 10:24 pm

    Cute giraffes Tammy – you’ve certainly been busy! Love the new bed too – the whole bedroom in the pic is gorgeous – no wonder Talissa wants it all!

    Sheree xx

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