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Sketches Oz LO share

October 15, 2007

Sketches Oz blog has been updated and the new sketch artist is Vivian Bonder. Unfortunately for me I got my dates mixed up and missed the upload date. So I will share my sketch LO here on my blog.


Talissa’s bed arrived bright and early this morning. I had just finished dismantaling her old bed, Jason went to bed and there was a knock at the door LMAO! Ah, no rest for the wicked. It was fun to put together – like a really big Meccano set 😀 All the tools are supplied to put the whole bed together. An allen key and a small spanner! I have a helpful tip for you all too. Once your furniture kit is all together, take your spanners/allen keys and your instructions, put them into a self seal bag and tape the lot to the back/underneath of your furniture. That way when it comes time to move or update you can pull it apart yourself without waiting for your DH to find you a spanner!! So what do you all think of Tissa’s new bed? I hope she likes it when she gets home from school. I was also thinking that a white mosquito net would look lovely over her bed head and I could also sew some star sequins to it to give it that extra sparkle. I also want to get some fairy lights and drape them around her wall. I’ve seen this often in movies but all the fairy lights I’ve seen have green cords {ugly} although if I was a really good mummy I could always buy some white or pink electrical tape and tape over the green – could you imagine the job that would be! ~ and can you get pink electrical tape PMSL. And here is a lovely photo of Talissa wearing some make-up. In her Hello Kitty showbag she had a make-up kit and she tried it out the first time last night. I had to get a photo of my little girl with her first make-up attempt. I can only hope she gets better at it! Most of it is all over her face heehee and she’s put the blusher on next to her lips instead of her cheeks heehee. So cute!


One more thing to share. This LO is done using the September BOS from Scrapboxx. I have also used a Heidi Swapp playing card and made some felt flowers. I have also discover that I really, really suck at stamping!! I tried to stamp REMEMBER over the photo, the ribbon and PP. Stamps don’t work all that well over lumpy stuff do they. I completely stuffed it up!! Right at the end too 😦 So to fix it I stamped onto an acetate sheet, waited for it to dry and then cut it out and glued it over the top of my stuff up. You can’t really tell and it looks like it was meant to be like that Ahahaha 😀
The journaling reads Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live

And that’s it for another day.
Take care and thanks for stopping by today. Leave me a comment so I know you’ve been 😉
♥ Tammy

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