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Scrapbooking Memories Vol 9 No11

March 19, 2008

This is my latest published LO. Hardboiled Eggs. SM Vol 9 No.11. Page 35
Journaling reads:
What not to do! Do not draw a smilie face on a hardboiled egg if you’re going to give it to a 2 year old, sensitive, little boy. I thought it would be cute to draw a face on Conners egg, then hard boil it and put it into an egg cup…but as soon as I
cut the top off the egg he burst into hysterical tears. It took me a few minutes to calm him down enough to sit at the table and eat. Only thing is that Conner doesn’t eat the inside of the egg, the yummy part, he eats the shell – strange!

Today Conner and I went to Cheap as chips and I picked up the fabulous crafty projects for the kids.I bought a couple of small canvas’s for Talissa to paint. A horse and a little fairy :0)
I bought Conner a larger one that has an alien in a spaceship, a space man and a rocket.
I thought these would look great on the walls in the kids bedrooms 🙂
I also got a couple of packets of the make your own magnets…dinosaurs for Conner and fairies and ponies for Talissa. They also had these shrinkies but it says not to use them in a gas oven or microwave?? Only for use in an electric oven?? I wonder why…perhaps they let of fumes? But we don’t have an electric oven so not sure what to do with these for now?
Talissa has had swimming all this week. She’s never been swimming before {unless a wading pool counts LOL} and she is loving it! When I got home from work yesterday she was excited to tell me that she learnt to do the doggie paddle today :0)
The weather here in Adelaide has finally broken and not before time either!
15 days of over 35 degree…I worked on Monday and that was 42 degree when I was driving home at 5pm…then today its about 28…so much nicer and much easier to sleep. I hope that’s the last of it for a while. {I’d much prefer no more heat waves and winter to makes it way ASAP!!}

Well that’s about all for today.
Take care

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  1. Leanne permalink
    March 19, 2008 9:46 pm

    Hi Tam, I have tagged you and all the details are on my blog

    Love the layout
    Leanne xxx

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