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Talissa is now a blogger

March 31, 2008
Talissa now has her own blog :::Talissa’s PlayHouse:::She is very internet literate and she loves the fact that she can put her creations up for her friends and family to see. Yesterday she checked her blog and she had 2 hits and her mouth dropped open and she exclaimed “Oh My Gawd!!” it was so funny LOL! Every time she looked at her blog and seen that she had more hits she would do this happy little dance around the room. She was just so thrilled 🙂
So if you have a spare 2 minutes I’m sure she would be thrilled if you visited her blog and left a comment for her.
I’ve also finished knitting my cute little bootee’s and they are just adorable :0)

They are so soft and ever so very tiny LOL! Although I’m wondering if they will be too big for a newborn? Its been sooooo long since I seen a newborns foot. Although I’ve just realised that I have a plaster cast of Conner’s foot when he was born so I suppose I could have tried fitting it on that first. Oh well too late now, as they are winging their way to their recipient as I type :0)

So are there any knitters out there that would like the pattern to knit these adorable bootees?
If your interested here it is…


Quantity – 4 ply – 1 ball
Needles – no.11 or no.10

TENSION: 9 stitches to 1 inch in
width, measure over plain smooth

Cast on 43 stitches.
1st row.-(K.1, inc. once in next st.,
K.18, inc. once in next st.) twice, K.1.
2nd row.-Knit.
3rd row.-(K.1, inc. once in next st.,
K.20,inc. once in next st.) twice, K.1.
Continue inc. in this manner in every
alt. row until there are 67 sts. on
Work 11 rows in Garter Stitch without
Proceed as follows:-
1st row.- K.39, K.2 tog., turn.
2nd row.-K.13, K.2 tog,. turn.
Rep. 2nd row until 44 sts. remain.
Next row.-Knit to end of row.
Proceed as follows:-
1st row.-* K.2, P.2, rep. from * to
last 4 sts., K.2, P.1, K.1.
Rep. 1st row three times.
5th row.-*K.2, w.r.n., P.2 tog., rep.
from * to last 4 sts., K.2, P.1, K.1.
Rep. 1st row three times.
9th row.-K.2 tog., P.2, * K.2, P.2
Rep. from * to last 4 sts., K.2, P.1, K.1.
10th row.-K.2, * y/fwd., K.3, slip 1,
K.2 tog., p.s.s.o., K.3, y/fwd., K.1,
rep. from * to last st., K.1.
11th row.-K.1, purl to last st., K.1.
12th row.-As 10th row.
13th row.-Knit.
14th and 15th rows.-As 11th row.
Rep. rows 10 to 15 incl. twice, then
rows 10 to 13 incl. once.

Cast off. Work another bootee in the same manner.

Make a twisted cord to use in place of ribbon. Its much nicer and softer on little feet.

Garter stitch = every row knitK.1 = knit 1
P.1 = purl 1
st = stitch
rep. = repeat
w.r.n.= wind round needle.
y/fwd = yarn forward.
p.s.s.o. = pass slipped stitch over.
incl = inclusive.To make the twisted cord:

Measure out 4 x 5 foot of the same yarn {this is about the distance from finger tip to finger tip with my arms out stretched} Tie a knot in both ends, then secure one end to something immovable. {Like your DH sitting next to you on the computer LOL}

Now slip a pencil or piece of dowel between the strands. Hold the yarn, tightly, just below your pencil and start turning. Kinda like your dialling on an old telephone with one finger.{Making sure you keep steady pressure at all times} Once the yarn starts to get tight and kind of kink then you are ready for the tricky bit. Grab the center of your yarn and then double it back so that you are holding both knotted ends together {make sure you keep the whole length tight though or it will kink up into a big mess & perhaps DH can hold the two knotted ends for you}
Working slowly from the bottom of the cord let the cord twist onto itself and work slowly up the cord to the knotted ends. Once the cord has twisted back on itself then knot both ends to hold the twist in place.
I then thread my twisted cord through the holes in my bootee tie a bow and then to trim the cord to the right length make sure you tie knots first then trim, otherwise your cord will come undone.

Thanks for stopping by today 🙂

♥ Tam

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Julie permalink
    April 3, 2008 2:07 pm

    awww they’re cute!
    LOL @ Talissa….left comment for her

  2. Leanne permalink
    April 1, 2008 6:33 pm

    They are beautiful Tam and I am sure little baby ????? is going to love them. You are such a beautiful friend xx
    Leanne xx

  3. Janine permalink
    April 1, 2008 2:22 pm

    Oh Tam, the booties are gorgeous!!!

  4. Anonymous permalink
    March 31, 2008 10:04 pm

    OMG OMG OMG, they are ADORABLE!!! I love them Tammy, thankyou so much! I can’t wait to touch them and hold them and imagine using them – I can’t wait to actually use them!!!!

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!
    E xx

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