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Painting my legs

April 8, 2008

Yes I have been painting my legs. Dolls legs to be specific 🙂
Its quite awkward trying to find a way to dry them without laying them down so this is what I came up with 😀
The little legs have blue stripes & the large legs have pink stripes. I have got them on skewers balanced in a glass jar LOL!
Then I made up the clothes… They are so little and fun to make.
Then the dolls and the clothes are stained with instant coffee.
“Why?” Asked Jason. “Antiquing” was my reply. He walked off muttering…why you make something all nice and new and then want to make it look old??? Ah men, they don’t get it do they PMSLOL
Here is the little boy doll peeking out under the bloomers on the clothes airer


What else have I been up too?

I’ve been really exhausted the past few days so I have just been trying to do things that don’t take much effort


Yesterday I spent the day on the computer making journaling spots. That was fun. You just make up one template and then colour them different colours and add different titles. I saved them as PDFs. I wonder if I can add PDFs to blogger?
Well I have had to open a free file sharing account at FileDEN so that I can upload a PDF. So lets see if this works?

Journaling spots PDF here

Scalloped journaling spots PDF here

It looks like it worked? When I clicked on the links it says that its transfering data but the file was downloaded to my desktop almost instantly {even though it seemed to be still downloading IYKWIM} Let me know if you have trouble downloading them.
If you have a look at fileDen for any reason just be careful which links you click on as its heavily advertised *sigh* But you can’t expect much more when its free :)I think that’s about it for today.

Oh if you do use my journaling spots let me know.

I’d love to see how you use them 🙂 and I’ll post your LO on my blog if you’d like.

Well I have work the next 3 days so you probably won’t here from me till after then.

Take care
♥ Tam

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Rachie permalink
    April 9, 2008 10:19 pm

    Trying not to laugh after Jason’s comment.

    Now I understand why you were painting legs :o)

    Cant wait to see them when they are finished – coffee or not coffee.


  2. Jason permalink
    April 8, 2008 11:24 pm

    And I still don’t understand why! And for that matter why coffee? Meh! Women, can’t live with ’em……pass the beer nuts

  3. deirdre permalink
    April 8, 2008 7:07 pm

    OMG, you are such a clever chick!!!!! Dolls and journalling spots!!!!!
    Look out for one on a LO soon 🙂

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