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Sneaky Peek

August 5, 2008

Wanna sneak peak at next months Srapjack?
Well here’s a teaser for you..


Leeann Pearce has started a new blog so go and visit her for some inspiration!


Now should I do these tags?
I’ve really been putting it off haven’t I?

Well maybe tomorrow, or should I do them now?

ok I have been tagged and need to answer 5 questions so here goes
Ten years ago:
Dwayne was 7 years old, I had gone back to school as an adult re-entry studying year 12 Chem, biology, physics (which I dropped) and adult English (only becasue I had too) I Aced all my subject…
I meet my DH about 10 years ago…so I was probably having lots of…[ ? ]

Five things on todays to do list:
Empty the dirty clothes basket…hopefully into the washing machine
empty the washing machine into the dryer…its raining
pick Talissa up from her friends after school play visit
cook dinner
& relax as I am working the next 3 days

If I were a millionaire: I would buy a bigger house!! a new car…oh and pay all the bills LOL!
That would probably cover it without any spare change hey?

Places I have lived:
OH and Adelaide too.

I think pretty much everyone in blogland has had this tag but if not then please feel free to put it up on your blog ūüėČ

Well that’s it for me…All Saints is on tonight so I need to get the kids in the tub and into bed.

Take care

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