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February 10, 2009

😦 I feel so overwhelmed with emotions for the families of Victoria.
I get choked up thinking about the hardships they have ahead of them.
Last night Jason and I went through every draw and wardrobe in the house and bagged up everything we haven’t worn for a while. Jackets, pants, dresses even work jackets and slippers and PJ’s.
I can’t possibly imagine what these families are going through and I feel helpless – and I don’t like the feeling much. clothingWe ended up with 4 big bags full of clothing.

lonsdale u-store-itU-Store-it here at Lonsdale are taking clothing, food and other household essentials, so I drove there after dropping the kids at school…on Triple M radio they were talking to some of the survivors and one family that lost everything except the clothes they wore, spoke of how their little girl was asking for her shoes because she wanted to go to school and she said she couldn’t go without shoes on…and the father was trying so hard to hold it together – he didn’t have the heart to tell her she had no shoes and that her school was gone 😦
I hope our small token will be useful to some one…our hearts, at least, are in the right place…

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