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Railways modeling

September 16, 2009

Do you know someone who loves model trains?
Well have I got a deal for you! 😆 Just kidding LOL.

As some of you might already know I work part-time in the planroom at Islington Railways. I love the old buildings there and the planroom use to be the old typing pool at one stage and also the pay office. Its over 100 years old and was actually built using the ballast from the ships. It has some history my office 🙂 Its now called Inprotrans and we hold about 200,000 technical drawings of the former South Australian Railway, Commonwealth Railway and Australian National Railway.

Just recently we’ve been getting in negatives from an amazing photographer, Doug Colquhoun, which we are printing out on high quality photo paper and framing in gorgeous ‘antique’ frames. I’ve been helping Mark with the framing and I must admit that these framed photo’s are gorgeous! I’m not a train buff in the least but these photo’s are just gorgeous…photo’s of the old steam engines under steam (that means there are big plumes of smoke – or steam which makes for amazing photo’s), photo’s of railway stations like Stirling and my favourite at the moment is a photo of the train line that ran down the middle of Semaphore road! I didn’t even know that the trains went down there until I seen these photo’s! 😯

Needless to say I am starting to build my own collection of framed photo’s 😆 It’s not so much the whole ‘train’ thing as it is of the history. Most of these photo’s where taken before I was born…the last photo I bought was taken even before my Nana was born…right on the turn of the century – 1900 – of King William Street in the city. Before bitumen, before sky scrappers, where there were a myriad of tram and train lines and people walking around down the middle of the road! (Not something I would do lightly now-a-days!) and not one motorised vehicle in sight – all horse drawn..
King William street circa 1900

Anyway I digress (sp?) The point I was trying to make is the my boss Mark has some framed photo’s up on Ebay and I wanted to share them with you. Also to get ‘The word’ out there 😉

I’ve just done a blog for work HERE and if you have a Father or Uncle or a Granddad or even yourself, who loves everything about trains then this would be a great site for them to visit, as you can order prints and drawings of anything railways related!

So here are some framed prints and I have linked them directly to ebay 🙂

SemaphoreSemaphore Road 1962

720b Class Loco at Mt Lofty station
I love this photo too – a 720b steam loco on a wet day at the Mt Lofty station 1952

300 class at Salisbury stationA 300 class railcar at Salisbury station 1978

So there you have it! This is what I have been up to lately at work 🙂
You can visit the Inprotrans Blog here
and the Inprotrans website here (which is due for a major refurbishment! – IMO anyways 😛 ) but I can’t say too much otherwise the boss might think I’m putting my hand up 😆


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