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Garden update

March 19, 2010

Well the creek/pond is coming along nicely. We decided to extend the creek to run from one side of the kids cubby to the other and I must admit it does look much better. The shape and depth is all correct now and I have placed some larger stones where I want them to create some little “rapids” and spots that “gurgle” 🙂 Its all very cute and Conner is having so much fun already jumping over the creek and going from one rock to the next. I can’t wait till its finished, I think it’s going to look AWESOME…being on a budget though means that we have to do it in stages as we get the funds – but that’s ok 😉

I’ve pulled up the sandpit (it was less than hygienic thanks to some neighboring pussycats) and it’s due for re-vamping anyway. The was also a horrid tree growing in the corner of the sandpit and the cubby that HAD to go!
The soil that I have been digging up from the creek has gone in next to the concrete slab to raise the soil level there – another reason the sandpit needed pulling up. Once I’m happy with the soil level I will retain the front with sleepers. Then I’m going to put in lawn seed, put up a trellis on the fence and then grow a nice happy creeper over it. Later on I would like to attach some kind of water feature to the center of the trellis (I know it might be too heavy but I’m sure I’ll work that out when I come to it).

So are you with me so far? Can you picture in your mind how the end result will look? I can and it makes me happy 🙂

Now another project that I have in mind is to remove the old Hills Hoist clothesline, rip up the cement path and plant a tree that will grow quite large, like a Peppercorn tree, pretty much on the same spot that the clothesline is in now. Won’t that look gorgeous! Instead of seeing a multitude of colourful undies it will be green and shady and so inviting! (I can just picture it now…a large tree with a beautiful white seat that goes all the way around it…with daffodils and Elysium and ferns and all sorts of shade loving plants. sigh 😀 Sitting under it with a coffee and the latest scrap mag 😛

I bought this pink Frangapani tree recently and it has grown about a foot and a half on each branch already! I’ve also been adding some garden decorations like the old wooden step ladder and a galvanised bucket (that I want to use with a floating tap) and the fallen over terracotta pot with a pink geranium ivy growing in it.

[this magic tap is located at Technorama science park in Zurich]

Such a cool water feature!
I also filled this old galvanised wash tub with ornamental chillies that are so cute! I never knew that there were purple chillies!

The last photo I would like to share is of this beautiful pink rose that bloomed today 🙂

Everytime I see a rose on this bush I think of my Mum and its such a beautiful colour it always makes me feel happy, which is why I want to share it with you 🙂

Have a wonderful week-end.

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