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April 12, 2010

Today was Conner’s 5th birthday. Now he’s a ‘BIG’ boy 🙂
He absolutely lit up with each present we opened – he loved them all (which is just the reaction any parent wants LOL)

This Mario toy he bought with some of his birthday money.

We made him a chocolate mud cake which was still hot in the center when we ate it 😀 😀

the obligatory blowing out of the candles. It took Conner 6 goes to blow them all out, which Talissa informs us means that Conner has 6 girlfriends 😀

One of his presents was this maze book. Conner loves doing mazes (see his t-shirt!)
Since Conner has been helping me so often in the garden we also bought him a children’s wheelbarrow, gardening gloves, children’s rake, shovel and hoe and he squealed in delight at these 🙂 He was so happy! It was very cute – so be prepared to see some photo’s of Conner helping me in the garden 😉

While we were out shopping for Conner’s Mario I found this gecko that just begged me to take him home. Honestly…how could I refuse! He is so cute!

I’ve recently been complaining that I’m wearing thongs in the garden and since the rain I feel like I’m wearing cement thongs and they just don’t keep the mud out from between my toes PMSLOL 😀 😀 I spotted these rubber boots that just screamed “TAMMY TAKE ME HOME” They are just ‘so me’ So now I can wear my zebra striped, pink soled rubber boots while gardening (when I can wrestle them from the kids) I love ’em 😆

Last night I found it hard to sleep – I always seem to get more excited about the kids birthdays than they do, I’m sure! and while laying awake I was thinking of gardening (surprise, surprise).
I’ve been saying that I want a corner of the garden to be edible, so when the kids are playing outside they can nibble AND it’ll be healthy nibbling! I wanted to grow a grape vine and was wondering where I would put it, when I can up with the idea of my own ‘vineyard’…well one row of vines. Could that still be classed as a vineyard 😆

So I’m going to cement in around 6 of the square posts along the edge of the garden bed (where the orange fence and garden stakes are) drill holes through them and wire them up just like a vineyard. I’d like to put up a gate going from the side of the house to that first stake and I have asked my Uncle if he could make me one, just like his.

So hopefully my grapevine will end up looking a bit like this…

then the kids can pluck grapes to eat while their playing 🙂

I’ve had other idea’s but I’ll share them once I’ve thought about them a bit more 😉

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