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Garden update

April 19, 2010

The posts are cemented in and the first grape vine is planted with wire tensioners, just like a real vineyard 🙂

This is the section that I am slowly building up with soil – I will probably need about another 3 – 4 wheelbarrow fulls of dirt to finish it off, then I’ll level it off and put in seed lawn. I’ve retained the dirt with sleepers and the beginning of the creek is in the middle, where the rocks are. On the left is what’s left of the kids sandpit which will be redone.

We didn’t have any idea’s what to do with this concrete slab until the other night when I thought a rustic old looking wood shed would look awesome here. So what I have decided on is a front opened wood shed, with three posts on the front . The front will be higher than the back and we’ll use either fence pailings or rustic galvanized iron. It will be about 2/3rds of the depth of the slab, right up against the shed with a gap wide enough to lean my wheelbarrow on the left. We will probably dig up that dodgey bit of concrete at the front of the slab.

Here is the second garden bed. In between the first and second beds will eventually be garden paths…NO MORE LAWN!!!! and no more grass seeds! On either side of that patch of green grass where the big white rocks are I’ll plant some tree’s or large bushes so those rocks will be a little hidden corner. You’ll have to follow the path around to find it and I will put some kind of feature in there. A bird bath or perhaps a nice garden statue.

Its a pity I can’t get an arial shot 😆 Perhaps when updates 😉 Their last update was in February and they update every few months. Unlike the ‘OTHER’ map site 😉

I’ve dug the ground up all along the fence (straight ahead in the photo) This area is THE WORST for grass seeds. There would have been billions of seeds dropped there last Summer so its going to be a tough job, with constant turning of the soil to stop those from coming back *sigh*.
In between the down pipe and the vine fence I will be putting in a rusty, rustic gate 🙂 [which I need to pass the measurements on to my Uncle or it’ll never get done!]

I’ve planted my Passionfruit plant and a dwarf Lemon tree. How healthy does that Passionfruit plant look! Yum. I can’t wait to get some fruit off of it.

So that’s quite a lot of digging, with much help from the last two days of rain with the added pleasure of thunder and lightening 🙂
I purchased 4.5 meters of pond liner today. OUCH! That hurt the back pocket + I think I mis-measured by about a meter so I’ll have to go back and get that, but that’s the most expensive part of the creek/pond bought now…YAY! The next biggest thing to get is the creek pebbles. I’m so excited about the creek nearly being finished. It will make a HUGE difference to the yard…a real focal point

I can’t finish this post without sharing this photo of our little man and his VERY FIRST day of big boys School. I still think he looks way to small to be in school 😆 All the reception children look too little 😦

PS: Adelaide had an earthquake on Friday night – 3.8 on the richter scale. No damaged was done and it felt really weird, wobbling around like jelly! *Shiver* I originally thought it was just the sub-woofer but all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking and I immediately thought it was an earthquake! Its only the second earthquake I’ve felt in my life. The last time I was around 5 years old I think? (1975??)

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