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Gardening this week

April 28, 2010

Garden update for this week include…
I fixed up my tipsy pots {I replaced the two top pots with bigger ones} I feel it looks much more ‘balanced’ now 🙂 Also my neighbour and I went halves in a retaining rod. Jean also made herself some tipsy pots as has my boss 😆 I think I’ve started something! 😆

I moved my patio/garden swing. Its now under my lovely tree. I also pulled up the cement paver’s that use to be under the bird aviary and used those for a path from the shed. We originally had some small, broken paver’s there so that looks much neater now. The little pots have Elysium and Nasturtium seeds. I wonder if they’ll grow? I also put Nasturtium seeds under the garden swing.

I’ve finally finished shovelling dirt into my lawn section and have leveled it off. I also used some 2nd hand square posts to retain the dirt. Even though we’ve been getting rain I still had a hard time hammering in those garden stakes to hold the posts! I think it looks fabbo now and can’t wait to get the sandpit sand to finish that section off. Once the sandpit is full I’ll use the remaining sand to get a nice level surface for my lawn seed 🙂 Once that’s established I’ll put up a lattice frame and garden ornament. I can’t wait to see the kids sitting on their patch of lawn having a picnic 🙂

I also had to drag those BIG rocks around to center them in my retaining wall. That’s the beginning of my creek 🙂

The plants in this photo are :a Jacaranda tree (that’s been there for 5 years and if it doesn’t pull its finger out and grow will end up in the Chiminea I want to buy from Bunnings: SEE BELOW :lol)

A Yucca (in the pink pot) and a grass of some kind that I can’t think of off the top of my head (blue pot)
The grasses I would like to plant all around my creek.
I’d also like to get this push mower from Stratco – for that small patch of lawn that I will hopefully end up with – although hubby doesn’t know why I want this. No petrol to worry about, no mixing oils, just good ‘ol elbow grease…probably mine! :lol
They are only $69 from Stratco!

Lastly my number 2 garden bed. Its all finished being dug (thank goodness for zebra striped gum boots!) and now the planting has begun. The most expensive part!

I have finished my bird house (don’t look too close its a bit wonky :lol:) Fixed the bird feeder – it needed a new coconut fiber top and I also fixed my Mum’s aluminium wind chimes. The hangers my lovely Binka Bill made me a few years ago, so I added those to my bird house post to hang everything on. I planted edging plants, dug up my flowering plum trees from the front yard – which is lucky I did as they have been in for 5 years and were root bound in the hard soil. The root ball wasn’t much bigger than when I planted them! So hopefully with a bit more love and care they will flourish 🙂 I also bough a lovely plant called ‘Lemon Essence’ which is in between the bird house and the plum tree. Its only small and has the most lovely lime green foliage 🙂 Talissa loved it and wanted to name it – so hence for he shall be called Lorn 😀 He will grow to about 4 meters high by 1 meter wide and is just lovely. I definitely will get more of those.

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  1. Courtney permalink
    April 28, 2010 9:46 pm

    Wow love your work your doing in your garden:)

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