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Happy Mothers Day

May 10, 2010

I hope all my friends in blogland had a great Mothers Day.
I got some cute school-made gifts and a couple of Pandora beads. We went to my Aunty Julie’s for a late breakfast Sunday morning and also collected around 100 slates of wood for the woodshed. Julie also sent me home with a box full of different bulbs to plant in my garden.
Talissa and Conner found a skink and had fun carrying it around for about half an hour. It was so cute running up Conner’s arm and sitting on his shoulder 😀

So this is what we accomplished, gardenwise this weekend just gone.

I picked up this box from my Aunties. It was my Great Uncle Ken’s (who recently passed away) so I was thrilled to bring this bit of rustic home 😉

I put my brick edging around garden bed no.1 and planted all my bulbs.

Started to add the wood panel walls on today. These have come from large pallets. We are certainly doing our bit for recycling 😀

I’ve seeded my grassy area and set the sandpit back up ready to fill with sand. I hope I haven’t planted my lawn seed too late in the year. The nights have been really cold!
I would like to put some fake lawn in, instead of real lawn. Like this one from…Lawn 4 ever

but it might be a wee bit beyond our budget! But still it looks good, requires NO watering, No fertilizer, NO mowing and has a ten year guarantee…whoot, whoot…sounds like a good deal to me.

[I have uploaded this image for myself with the grass area dimensions]

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  1. Jxx permalink
    May 13, 2010 1:55 pm

    U have been a VERY busy chickie Tam. Garden is coming together nicely. & all the LO’s….Especially loved the “dark” as u put it.
    Hope u’s are well

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