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recent acquisition’s

May 23, 2010

I got a 44 gallon drum from Paramount Browns, salvage yard, for $15. I thought that was very reasonable 🙂 This is going to be made into a horse for the kids to play on. I will put this in between the cubby house and the creek.

I also collected 6 shopping bags full of agapantha bulbs. I had to dig them up myself of course but they were free – so no complaining [well not much anyway :lol:] I don’t know what colour they are but I’m guessing purple.
I then visited De Youngs salvage yard as they previously had 6 BIG boxes full of plow horse tack, including little saddles. Well there was the dregs left in one box and a pallet full of leather straps and other bits ‘n’ pieces, but none of the little saddles left 😦 BUMMER I did grab a plow saddle and thought I could adapt that but I can’t remove the middle bit – where the kids would sit, so that is now hanging up in the woodshed 😆 I have put the call out on Freecycle for an old/broken saddle and I’m waiting to here back from one lady – so that might be productive for my creation 😉

I’m loving visiting all the salvage yards – the things you can find in there 😆

I’m also feeling really proud that the majority of the yard so far has all been free stuff. Recycling can be such a rewarding experience 🙂

I did buy this Fushia [Ballerina] from Bunnings yesterday 😀 $4.95 and its so beautiful! I love Fushia’s but have so much trouble growing them. Its just way too dry here in Summer – but I’ve hung this under my tree which receive no sun in Summer, so I’ll see how it goes. (Oh and its pink. I thought I might make this corner predominately pink)

Here’s todays photo of the yard. The wood shed is full of old rusty ‘things’ I’ve planted all the aggie plants. You can see my fushia under the tree and everything is starting to grow 🙂 See the fork in the ground? Its funny sitting outside having a coffee and quite often a little bird will zoom in and perch on whatever I have sticking in the ground at the time. Fork or shovel. Its sweet 🙂

During the evenings I feel buggered and I look forward to sitting and relaxing – but being me I still can sit idle and have to be doing ‘something’ so I’ve been crocheting a Granny squares blanket in green, pink and white 🙂

I love watching this grow each night too – and with the weather being so much colder at night now this is also keeping my legs warm as its being made 🙂

The centers are meant to look like flowers. The only trouble is because I’ve been doing so much work in the garden my hands are really rough and I keep getting snagged on the wool 😆 I think when its finished I will edge it with black wool. I think it will look quite striking.

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  1. June 8, 2010 7:35 am

    This is just gorgeous Tammy, I saw it on Mardi’s blog and thought I’d pop over and say hi

  2. Mardi permalink
    May 23, 2010 5:44 pm

    Wow Tammy….its taking shape more and more each week….and I love your recycled finds….hope a saddle comes your way too.
    Your crochet rug is beautiful too….Ive been loving crochet again of late….something about getting out the hook and wool in the colder weather and snuggling under a blanket….take care…Mardi xx

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