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August 30, 2010

Well it has been rather cold and wet in Adelaide so I haven’t been out in the garden as much as I would have liked but all is not lost! Out came the sewing machine and I’ve been decorating 🙂

This poor lamp had the plain cream cardboard cover on it for years and I finally took  the initiative and covered it!
Yay! I love the colours and the country style material is just lovely. I love how it turned out 🙂

I picked up this rickety old chair for a couple of dollars from the salvage yard…popped in a few more screws and added the missing dowel along the front and then painted it all up cherry red 🙂 This chair is going out into the yard, when I find a good spot for it 😉

Then I hopped back onto the sewing machine and started making cushions 🙂
Talissa and Conner love this soft, fluffy cow print cushion 🙂


I tried out using denim and yoyo’s. They were fun to make.


I wasn’t all together happy with the denim cover so I used black for the main cushion with plenty of hand stitching, ricrac and ribbon – with some more yoyo’s (I really did enjoy making those).

next I tried…

some stripey material and made an envelope cover and added black, self cover buttons for that extra bit of omph!


Dwayne asked me to make him a big cushion for his room 🙂 I felt flattered that my teenage son wanted me to make him something 😀 So I found this lovely blue stripe canvas and viola! One large ‘not so flowery’ cushion 😉

And here they are all together…

So I finished sewing and was hanging out to get back outside…time to work on the creek! The day we just gorgeous for gardening today 🙂

I laid my pump pipe – covering the trench with sand. The great thing about doing this is later on when everything is established and I feel the need to plant anything, I will know instantly if I’m digging near my pump pipe if I hit sand. It has now been topped with dirt and the pebble pushed back over. I cut and joined all my pond liner and now I just have to wait for the plumbers silicone stuff to set and then I can lay it down. I am so excited! I have had everything I need to finish the creek but have just not wanted to go outside in the wet and cold.
Once the creek and pond are set up the kids and I are going taddie hunting 🙂 We want frogs and there will be plenty of nooks and crannys in amongst the pebbles for little froggies to hide 😀

While I was waiting for the pond liner joiner to dry I decided that my arch need to go. Or well moved. So I pulled that up and dragged it up the yard haha!! 😆 😆

So that’s my update.
Hopefully the next update will be with photo’s of the finished creek 🙂

If you want to make an apple pie from scratchyou must first create the universe.” Quote – – Dr. Carl Sagan

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