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Happy Halloween

November 2, 2010

This is my very first attempt at carving a pumpkin for halloween. It was a lot of fun and we got a meal of pumpkin soup out of it 🙂

I also had a go at making some black toffee apples

I found the recipe for these over here [Adam’s Scary Toffee Apples]…and they taste PERFECT! I think some red ones might be on the list for Christmas 🙂
[TIP FOR US AUSSIES: For the corn syrup I used the same amount of  Queen glucose syrup derived from corn]

Next came more fun, we were invited to a Halloween party and the kids and I were so excited! So to get us all in the “mood” I decided to do some Halloween decorating at home. We had a ball 🙂

I made some little pumpkin themed treat bags. A very simple concept.

I cut square of orange crepe paper, popped in a wrapped chocolate and a couple of Halloween chocolates and then sealed the top with black crepe paper. Very quick and easy and very affective 😉

Here is the table with my jars of witches potions 😀 I did make my own label…Troll nose hair which I’d love to share with you…for next year 😉

If you do use my label I would really appreciate a link back so that others may be able to find it and use it too 🙂

For the hairs I bought a cheap packet of animal whiskers from Spotlight, broke them in half, popped them in a jar and drizzled a bit of glue in there to represent some snot – of course LOL! I should actually take a photo of that one 🙂

Then it was off to the party!
I have sooooo many photo’s to share with you from that – I think I’ll upload them tomorrow 😆

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  1. Mardi permalink
    November 8, 2010 9:17 am

    Far out….what a fabulous Halloween celebration….and so glad you got to party too.
    The troll nose hairs made me chuckle..
    Mardi x

  2. Mark permalink
    November 2, 2010 10:29 pm

    Toffee apple tasted as good as it looked.
    Thanks Tam!
    Only took me 5 minutes to eat it and another 15 minutes getting toffee off of my teeth.

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