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Decorating the Christmas tree

November 20, 2010

Yes it’s time for that man in red again. Doesn’t it come around so quickly!
So we watched the Christmas Pageant and decorated the Christmas tree…with the assistance of two of Santa’s little helpers 🙂

Sorry the picture is a little bit blurry but its still very cute – and what is going on with Conner’s ears? They look like their folded forwards 😆

I took this photo tonight of Talissa after her shower. The kids both got a reindeer hobby ‘horse’ that plays Dashing through the snow and Talissa and Conner have been playing with them all day. Conner was naked though, so perhaps I’ll get a photo of him tomorrow 😆

This morning Talissa asked me if I wanted to see her hairy ring.
WTF…? 😆
She had dehaired her hairbrush and wound the hair around a hair tie and was wearing it on her finger like a hairy ring (of course! How could I be so silly :roll:)
I took one look at her ring and told her I thought it was disgusting but still giggled when she left the room.
I’ll make sure I bring that one up again in about, oh 8 years I think!
😆 😆

In the mean time my poor back is soooooo sore. I could hardly move around all day today and I took the kids to the shopping center for a Christmas hunt. We had to walk from one end of the center to the other to spot 12 stickers *groan* but I made it through the day without too much complaining.

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  1. November 21, 2010 5:27 pm

    Hope your back is feeling better darl.. Love the pics xxx

  2. Susan McGuire (aka smiles1965) permalink
    November 21, 2010 7:59 am

    Hi Tammy

    Great photos of the kids. They are growing up fast. I hope you can get some rest today and ease your back pain. Have a warm bath or shower and lie down if you can. I often get a sore back from standing up all day at work so I know how it feels.

    You need to ask Santa to bring you a heat pillow or massage machine for Christmas. Have a nice day xxoo

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