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Silkie chicks

November 10, 2015

Over the last 12 months I have converted the kids cubby house into a chicken coop.
Cluck hut

It has been renamed the ‘Cluck Hut’ and we bought 2 silkie chickens. 1 Silver called ‘Pippins’ and a black silkie called ‘Flappy’
2014-10-08 21.20.19
Classed as Bantams their eggs are quite small compared to a “normal” sized chicken egg. So far our Silkie eggs have ranged in size from 38 grams to 43 grams
Silkie egg in an egg cup
The eggs are so small they drop right into normal sized egg cups. I ended up asking my Great Uncle, Bill, to make me some egg cups especially for our eggs. Uncle Bill does wood turning in his spare time and whipped us up a couple of wooden egg cups (I’ll have to post pictures of those at a later date).

So I had a lovely white Silkie rooster for about 12 months and he did his job and Pippins went broody. 21 days later she hatched 4 Silkies. Their birthday is Sunday 8th November 2015.
silkie chick
This chick is only hours old.
Silkie chick

I think this is the same chick as above. 2 days old.

I’ll try and update again. I’ve only just started to blog again after quite a break so it’ll take time to get back into the swing of things.

Until then

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