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John Winchester’s journal

May 10, 2017


Nothing interesting to watch on TV so the kids and I started to watch Supernatural that I had on DVD. Just like my obsession with Harry Potter I decided I wanted to make John Winchester’s journal.
So for the past few months I’ve been collecting various pieces that I’ll be needing for my project.
I started off trying to make my own journal pages and ended up giving that up as too hard. I did however find them on Etsy. I have no problem supporting other artists by buying them already done and it helps support other people.

journal_pagesThe next thing I needed was a template for the actual leather journal. It seems that a lot of people have made these journals but no one wants to share dimensions. Which I understand as they have put the long hours into researching. I did end up finding a template during a Google search but without actual measurements.

journaldimens_zps0c31db8bThe measurements that I have decided on are B 40cm x A 24cm. If you’re looking to make your own then just print it out so it measures that. Don’t hold me to that though as I haven’t made one up yet so I don’t know if those measurements are correct.

I have since bought some vegetable tanned leather from eBay. Don’t ask where as I probably paid too much and I only got half of what I actually needed *sigh* so I’m waiting on a second piece.

vegetable_tanned_leatherThere are a couple of business card holder pages in that photo as well. For photographs.

Next I got the newspaper clippings from Etsy. The lady who sold them to me was wonderful. She had stopped selling them as someone had purchased them, photocopied them and was selling them on eBay as their own work.

I got the rifle badge and a few of the ribbons from eBay today.ribbons_medalThe three ribbons US purple heart ribbon, US Bronze Star ribbon and the US Vietnam Service ribbon all came from the same eBay store. The rifle expert badge was from another.

So that’s where I’m up too. Hopefully I can keep this blog updated. If your looking for some inspiration try Creating John Winchester’s journal


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