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Tips and tricks for sewing leather

May 15, 2017

Since I’ve never actually sewn leather I thought I’d better do some research. Off to YouTube for some tutorials.

I thought that if I found them useful or interesting then I’d share them here. Your one stop shop where all the hard works been done for you. 😀 Not quite but some interesting links all the same and I’ll have my reference video’s all in one place.

After watching a few videos I realised that one thing I’ll need is a stitching pony (or leatherwork clam/p) so I spoke to my Dad. Mum and Dad use to do leatherwork many, many years ago and I was lucky enough that he’d kept their tools. One thing was a stitching pony. So I bought that home on the week-end. Having said that I also found a tutorial for making a cheap leatherwork clamp!

The next video is for marking the margin – the place where the stitches will go.

Length of thread is about 4 times the length of the stitching line and the actual stitch for John Winchesters journal is Saddle Stitch.
I’ll need the right tools for the job which look to be:
Edge creaser or margin marker
Stitching wheel (to mark out the stitches evenly)
sewing Awl
2 needles
waxed thread
needle nosed pliers (these may be optional)

This last video is a quick tutorial on stitching saddle stitch.

You might find that you need to watch a few different tutorials on making saddle stitch. They all have different angles, some are instructional, where as others are more visual.

Leatherwork is a very involved process, with lots of different tools. You might be able to pick up some tools from salvage yards, garage sales or borrow them from friends. Especially if you only plan on making the one item. Either way leather is expensive and its not something you would want to mess up and throw away. Practice first on some scraps.


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