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John Winchester’s journal

June 4, 2017

I haven’t worked on anymore pages just yet but I have re-done some images.

I re-worked the “Lady in Red” card that’s seen in the journal in this screen capture:

This should be used on page 45/46 of the journal.
I have included three images. One is the complete left and right side together. Then I have included the left side and right side separately. If you want to print it out double sided just set your printer to print the image “centered” also check the “crop marks” box. Follow your printers prompts to print one side then flip for the second side.
I will be printing this out on Parchment Card.



Please if you use my work please credit me by posting the link to my blog
Tammy Templeton

I also re-worked the Shtriga image. So I used a screen capture from the show and lightened it and straightened it. This is used on page 39. Named the “Middle” page.
In the show prop journal this image has a white border.

Shtriga photo

Hope this helps you today 🙂


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