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A bit about me


I live in South Australia with my three children. I have just completed a Diploma of Business Administration.

I’m a self taught scrapper and have been scrapbooking since late 2003. Although when I first started I didn’t realise that it was scrapbooking. It wasn’t until 12 months later that I discovered my first scrapbooking magazine in the newsagents and from there my local scrapbooking shop ~ and so my scrapping journey began.

The passion I have for scrapbooking serves two purposes for me. One is to document the, who, what, where and why for my children’s future reference and the second is for the joy of the craft. I love to get my fingers sticky with glue and enjoy the whole process of scrapbooking from picking which photos to scrap to the shopping for new products.

I have come a long way since those early days of using primary coloured cardstock, although I find that my layouts are still bright and funky. I tend to find inspiration in my surroundings including clothing, pictures, commercials and even advertising catalogues. I also like to incorporate my other craft passions into my pages like sewing, stitching, using lots of ribbons and trimmings and scraps of materials.

My favourite technique is to doodle the edges of my patterned paper, photos, chipboard alphas and embellishments ~ rather than inking them.

I have always been a crafting person but scrapbooking is certainly my number one addiction!

EDITED 5/11/2015 A lot has happened since I last update my blog. Scrapbooking has slipped off the radar and my priorities have changed…but I am still me 🙂