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March 21, 2011


I feel so proud

December 5, 2010

Today I finished cementing in my last post for my shade sail. I bought this shade sail ages ago to shade Bella Barina from the harsh Aussie sun. As Bella is black she gets very hot!

Once I can attach that last corner (when the cement has cured) I’ll upload a “finished” photo 🙂

Thanks for lending me the post hole digger Mark! And, yes I dug the hole *groan* 600mm deep and I used 2 *groan again* 20kg bags of cement. I didn’t use the rapid set cement though as I had trouble with the 30kg bags of rapid set – the cement started to cure before I felt that the bottom had water. hmmmm O_o
I did put up a triangular shade sail over Conner’s bedroom window as his room gets so hot in Summer…I thought this might help.

oh yucky! I haven’t done that garden bed yet [the thought of digging all that soil over makes my back groan!] and I must take an updated picture of my other garden beds as they are growing sooooo well!
So in total I am feeling so proud of all the hard, back breaking, work I have done over the last 6 months. I feel that I’ve worked harder to achieve more [that I’m very proud to share] than I have done in the last 10 years. I’ve also noticed that the kids are really enjoying spending time outside now. I have designed the garden to be child friendly and for them to enjoy and they certainly are 🙂

Other photo’s to share are from the local shopping centre. They have this picture of an elf stuck to a wall and a competition where you take a photo of yourself giving him a smooch and you have to upload it to their site – to go into a draw to win $500…so I dragged the kids down there and got Talissa to take a photo of me and I took photo’s of them LOL…Talissa was telling me that she felt embarrassed, well she had better get use to it as I love to do things that are kooky, so she has years of embarrassment from me to come 😆

here’s Conner with Elfie 😛

Talissa with Elfie

and finally me with Elfie. Funnily enough I’ve been trying to upload these to the Centro site and I keep getting a woops message. Do you think they are trying to tell me something?
The next photo’s I wanted to share are the Christmas decorations so far…

This is looking through the doorways of the house.

the front door/entrance hall 🙂

this is our countdown sign [which is now on 19 days!!]

The last photo I had to share is this gorgeous flower from my cactus thingie 😆

This flower was bigger than a dinner plate! Isn’t it gorgeous 🙂

Now before I go I have a question.
Would you give a 5 year old billiard balls to take home and play with?
Personally I wouldn’t give billiard balls to a child as toys for a few reasons:
He could drop it on the dogs head and cause the dog an injury.
He could throw the billiard ball and hit another person, big person or another small person I’m guessing could cause serious injury.
He could throw the billiard ball through a window (we have floor to ceiling windows in the lounge).
He could throw the billiard ball at the TV.
He could drop the ball on his foot and break a toe.
Honestly I wouldn’t give a 5 year old a billiard ball as a toy for the same reason I wouldn’t give him a loaded gun if he wanted it 🙄
Then again I could just be over-reacting…I think the lady that gave the billiard balls to the kids is a teacher. Maybe she gave one to all the kids in her class and she had some spares? I don’t know.
Needless to say as soon as Talissa and Conner are asleep those billiard balls will be going in the bin. Lost forever 😆
Just my opinion and perhaps I am over-protective of my children but I will not be apologizing for that.


Decorating the Christmas tree

November 20, 2010

Yes it’s time for that man in red again. Doesn’t it come around so quickly!
So we watched the Christmas Pageant and decorated the Christmas tree…with the assistance of two of Santa’s little helpers 🙂

Sorry the picture is a little bit blurry but its still very cute – and what is going on with Conner’s ears? They look like their folded forwards 😆

I took this photo tonight of Talissa after her shower. The kids both got a reindeer hobby ‘horse’ that plays Dashing through the snow and Talissa and Conner have been playing with them all day. Conner was naked though, so perhaps I’ll get a photo of him tomorrow 😆

This morning Talissa asked me if I wanted to see her hairy ring.
WTF…? 😆
She had dehaired her hairbrush and wound the hair around a hair tie and was wearing it on her finger like a hairy ring (of course! How could I be so silly :roll:)
I took one look at her ring and told her I thought it was disgusting but still giggled when she left the room.
I’ll make sure I bring that one up again in about, oh 8 years I think!
😆 😆

In the mean time my poor back is soooooo sore. I could hardly move around all day today and I took the kids to the shopping center for a Christmas hunt. We had to walk from one end of the center to the other to spot 12 stickers *groan* but I made it through the day without too much complaining.

Halloween party photo’s

November 10, 2010

Here are some photo’s from the Halloween Party. The kids and I went to our friends house on the other side of the country Adelaide 😆
We stayed the night and slept in his sleeper carriage. Yes he has a train carriage in his backyard. I forgot to pack my nexts days clothing so I spent the next morning helping his wife and MIL pick beans in my pj’s (I’m so glad I took the grey ones and not the bright orange ones as I had to drive home in them :lol:)

What awesome little cakes!

The spooky graveyard was excellent 🙂

Talissa having a go at the pumpkin piñata 🙂

Conner’s turn at the piñata 🙂

Our wonderful host. After much complaining a little bit of  asking, Mark decided against wearing the zombie mask.
It was scary and I was worried it would give Tiss and Conner nightmares 😉

Our other hostess – Sue…doing her famous pumpkin carving.
Mark and Sue did an amazing job of setting up their wonderful home with Halloween decorations. It was truly awesome to walk from room to room and see what had been done where 🙂

Tiss and Conner later in the evening – playing the Wii and eating toffee apples 🙂

and me 🙂


Happy Halloween

November 2, 2010

This is my very first attempt at carving a pumpkin for halloween. It was a lot of fun and we got a meal of pumpkin soup out of it 🙂

I also had a go at making some black toffee apples

I found the recipe for these over here [Adam’s Scary Toffee Apples]…and they taste PERFECT! I think some red ones might be on the list for Christmas 🙂
[TIP FOR US AUSSIES: For the corn syrup I used the same amount of  Queen glucose syrup derived from corn]

Next came more fun, we were invited to a Halloween party and the kids and I were so excited! So to get us all in the “mood” I decided to do some Halloween decorating at home. We had a ball 🙂

I made some little pumpkin themed treat bags. A very simple concept.

I cut square of orange crepe paper, popped in a wrapped chocolate and a couple of Halloween chocolates and then sealed the top with black crepe paper. Very quick and easy and very affective 😉

Here is the table with my jars of witches potions 😀 I did make my own label…Troll nose hair which I’d love to share with you…for next year 😉

If you do use my label I would really appreciate a link back so that others may be able to find it and use it too 🙂

For the hairs I bought a cheap packet of animal whiskers from Spotlight, broke them in half, popped them in a jar and drizzled a bit of glue in there to represent some snot – of course LOL! I should actually take a photo of that one 🙂

Then it was off to the party!
I have sooooo many photo’s to share with you from that – I think I’ll upload them tomorrow 😆

Garden fun

September 28, 2010

The weekend brought with it some beautiful Spring weather so we all played outside and lapped it up 🙂

The kids absolutely love their creek 🙂

They love their picnic area too 🙂

The bridge is finished and the pond rocks are a big hit!

I LOVE Spring with all the renewal and new growth. It makes me feel happy inside and smile on the outside to see that life goes on and it is beautiful if you take the time to look 🙂

I’m so happy to see my grapevine budding as I thought I might have killed it with weed killer.

For the last couple of weeks I have been checking my Claret Ash to see if it’s budding and I was happy to see these beautiful green leaves sprouting 🙂

These nastursiums I grew from seed so it’s wonderful to see them in flower 🙂

The last plant I want to share is this unusual thing! The kids and I stopped at a home plant sale and found two of these. I laughed because they made me think of Talissa and Conner 😆 I know its a succulent but apart from that I have no idea of how big it’ll grow or what it’s called? If anyone has any info they can share on this I’d love to know 🙂

The last picture I’d like to share is this one of Talissa and Conner having some down time and sharing a cuddle. I love to see them like this on occassion. Usually they’re fighting so this was lovely to capture 😆

Kicking the habit

September 25, 2010

Yes I have decided that my cigarette addiction needs to be butted out for good! There are many reasons for quitting – my health is at the top of the list – I’ve been smoking for around 28 years now and I often think what would happen to the kids if I ended up with throat cancer or lung cancer. I don’t want my kids to have to watch me die a horrible death! So I went to the doctor and I have started on Champix…I’m on day three and I’m thinking positive 🙂

Has anyone got any positive stories to tell about Champix? I’d like to hear them 🙂

I took Talissa and Conner to the park to fly their kites they got in their showbags. I have always loved the Royal Show even though I cringe every year when September comes around. I’m sure I’m not the only parent that would love to hide their credit cards this time of the year!

This is Conner on the park swing and he has his ‘special’ rock egg that he got from the show 🙂

I finally got my creek/pond liner down…then it absolutely poured with rain the next day and flooded the whole back yard! I didn’t really need the pond in after that deludge as the whole backyard was a river!!

After the flood subsided I got back out into the yard and ran power to the woodshed. I was very proud of myself for getting this done. Dwayne helped me take off some of the roof tiles as I wasn’t very confident up on the ladder. We both got some nasty scrapes on our hand but between us we did a great job!

then I started on my little bridge over the creek 🙂

Talissa and Conner love the roped handled bridge and I had fun drilling those BIG holes and adding the large bolts 🙂
Even Dwayne likes to swing on the bridge – a hand on each of the end posts and swinging their legs back and forth. I’ve since added the second rope. Then last week end the kids and I went taddie hunting at the local park 🙂
We caught 14 tadpoles for the pond!!

the kids had a ball playing in the park creek in their rubber boots 🙂 splashing around and getting stuck in the mud LOL!! It was great fun 🙂 So we should have some froggies soon. It will be wonderful to listen to them in the evenings 🙂

I’ve been trying to get out in the garden as much as possible. Since spring has hit its been wonderful. You smell the change in the air. The deciduous trees are budding and the flowers are blooming. I LOVE SPRING! I have been planting lots of seeds. The list is getting longer every week 🙂 Sunflowers, Gypsophila (pink and white) Ecinachia, poached egg plant and I have some Silver beet seeds to plant tomorrow 🙂

Limnanthes, aka the poached egg plant, is a magnet for bees and other pollinators. Photograph: David Jackson/Alamy

FINALLY “this” is going tomorrow morning…yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

This has been a mode of contention for me – for years!! I HATE looking at this in my yard. It’s disgusting, dangerous and ugly. Talissa has had this to look at for as long as she can remember…

don’t you think it looks ugly? How can this be nice for a child to look at day after day?  Soon I can do the garden outside of Talissa’s window and give her something green and pretty to look at 🙂 🙂

I’ve often pondered lately why is it people will do something for someone they “hate” but not for someone they love?