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Homemade Shimmermist


Do you want Glimmermist in lots of different colours but like me can’t afford to buy them all!
Well let me tell you how to make your own!

I used the FolkArt Metallics paint (655 Metallic Aquarmarine – about $4.00 per bottle)
and a misting spray bottle (I used an empty hair detangler bottle because I’m too impatient to wait and go out and buy a little atomizer 😆 )

I squeezed a smidge of paint into the atomizer and the same amount in water. You don’t need to fill the bottle, just enough so it will be picked up and sprayed out. Then give it a good shake to mix the paint and water. Make sure to shake the bottle before each spray too so that the metallic particles are distributed evenly in the mixture (it tends to settle to the bottom)

In this example I am using a shape to mask a section of my paper.


Give your atomizer a shake and spray over and around your mask from about 30cm away – otherwise you’ll get big blobs instead of a fine misting.


I had used this mask previously so it was a bit buckled. You could spray the back with a non-permanent adhesive if you wanted it stuck down better or better yet a new one! (I told you I’m impatient! :lol:)


What you are left with is a negative of your shape. And see how its all shimmery – just like Glimmermist! (It does look much more shiny in real life and to be honest I couldn’t tell the difference between my homemade glimmermist and the bought one)

Once I finished I doodled around the inside edge of my mask and also around some of the bigger sploches on the page.


This would make an excellent journal block on a scrapbook page or you could use it as a photo mount 🙂

I think I’ll call it SHIMMERMIST!

[I made my mask by tracing around one of my Pumpkin Pink XL journal-it blocks]


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