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Leeann’s weekly challenge

March 26, 2009

Miss Wally posted the new weekly challenge at the Boxx and it was to have doodling on your page. Leeann also used water colours on her layout so I went with water colours as well. It takes a while to colour it all in and once you get your paint brush onto it and wet it all it takes a while to dry (I cheated and dragged my hair dryer out at about 10.30 last night 😆 it does speed up the drying time though ;))
Here is a close up of the buttons I made. I used Stuff 2 Scrap chipboard hearts, printed out some words (eg: hugs and kisses and XOXOX) traced the hearts onto the paper and cut out the shape, glued it onto the hearts, sanded the edges and topped it off with dimensional magic. Once the DM was dry I used my piercer to punch two small holes into the heart to turn it into a button.
memories close-up

Thank you to Leeann for the wonderful inspiration that she shares on her blog 🙂
The paint brush goes spottie 🙂

How about a CP update? Well Talissa has a couple of new spots today and the rest of them are all scabbed…gross I know 😮

Conner looks as if he has ONE chicken pox on his upper arm. He has been rather grizzly the last couple of days and sleeping in my bed at night. He has been immunised but from what I’ve heard/read they can still get a dose when it hits the family – just not as severe as the full blown CP. Hopefully one is all he gets!

I don’t think Talissa will be at school on Monday…we have to wait until the last scab drops off and seeing as she has a couple of new spots today…well I think Monday will be wishful thinking 😦

Today Talissa, Conner and I made this cute bread. Talissa wanted to cut out a star in her bread and one out of fruit loaf and this is what she came up with 😆
Cute bread hey?!

making star bread

making star bread 2

making star bread 3

Yum yum!

Thanks for visitng today 🙂


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  1. March 27, 2009 12:12 am

    I love this layout and the title says it all!!

    Ruth Petty

  2. leeann pearce permalink
    March 26, 2009 10:40 pm

    WOW Tammy love your take on the doodling LO…. and love that you made it your own…. and also love your JB buttons….. clever girl for printing out your own words too!

    Love the star bread….my girls always make tubbie toast… they use cups and bottle tops and stamp impression of faces and then toast. it… it looks so cute… they love it!

    i’m on Dh computer…after i posted on my blog the computer crash and i had to take it into the shop…. oh such a big buggar….. hopefully back soon.

    take care Leeann

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