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John Winchester’s journal

June 4, 2017

I haven’t worked on anymore pages just yet but I have re-done some images.

I re-worked the “Lady in Red” card that’s seen in the journal in this screen capture:

This should be used on page 45/46 of the journal.
I have included three images. One is the complete left and right side together. Then I have included the left side and right side separately. If you want to print it out double sided just set your printer to print the image “centered” also check the “crop marks” box. Follow your printers prompts to print one side then flip for the second side.
I will be printing this out on Parchment Card.



Please if you use my work please credit me by posting the link to my blog
Tammy Templeton

I also re-worked the Shtriga image. So I used a screen capture from the show and lightened it and straightened it. This is used on page 39. Named the “Middle” page.
In the show prop journal this image has a white border.

Shtriga photo

Hope this helps you today 🙂


My Pages from John Winchesters Journal

May 29, 2017

This is page 1 – Thursday, November 15 – of John Winchesters journal. It begins: I went to Missouri and I learned the truth.

This page will be on the right side of the journal.

The text reads:
I went to Missouri and I
learned the truth
In olden times in the West
people used to say “I put my
hand and seal” on a document
when signing it. In the East
this was literal in some cases.
The Emperor of Japan in ancient
days “signed” important
documents by dipping his
hand in blood and putting a
full bloody handprint on
the page. In the history
of pacts with the Devil
people were supposed to sign
their name in blood. I have
seen a couple of alleged pacts
from earlier centuries and
neither, as far as I can tell,
was signed in blood, though
they do bear signatures of
people. Blood undoubtedly
stressed the seriousness of the
signing. You were giving away
your soul. “The blood Is the Life”
I’m not sure what is on the back of this page yet. (that’d be page 2, facing on the left).
Page 3 is the back of Elkins. I don’t know what that is yet. Facing right.

Page 4 should be the Elkins contact page. This page is different than the calendar pages and has a red and black bar across the top.
I downloaded the basic page from
This person is very helpful when creating the journal. They have a lot of information, screenshots and blank journal pages. As long as you credit their work they are happy for people to use their site.

This page should be on the left side of the journal.


This is a filler page I think…I’m not sure of the order of this one. I’ll edit this post when I figure it out.
I did make a couple of spelling errors – line 5 the last word should be “had” and line 11 first word “Cooke”

The text as in the screenshot =

A coroner’s office spokes
man said Friday that an
Autopsy has been scheduled
for this morning Bruce Beckler
the hotel security guard was
put away. The woman was
questioned for several hours
at the Los Angeles Police
department’s Hollywood division
A police spokesman Lt Dan
Cooke said after her
release that detectives were
now satisfied there was
know way a criminal
involvement on her part
He declined to identify
her. A coroner office
spokeman said Friday night
that an autopsy has
been scheduled for this
morning Bruce Beckler
the hotel security guard
and gardener said the
Actor was lying in bed

I think I’ll leave it there – I’m a bit confused LOL

Tips and tricks for sewing leather

May 15, 2017

Since I’ve never actually sewn leather I thought I’d better do some research. Off to YouTube for some tutorials.

I thought that if I found them useful or interesting then I’d share them here. Your one stop shop where all the hard works been done for you. 😀 Not quite but some interesting links all the same and I’ll have my reference video’s all in one place.

After watching a few videos I realised that one thing I’ll need is a stitching pony (or leatherwork clam/p) so I spoke to my Dad. Mum and Dad use to do leatherwork many, many years ago and I was lucky enough that he’d kept their tools. One thing was a stitching pony. So I bought that home on the week-end. Having said that I also found a tutorial for making a cheap leatherwork clamp!

The next video is for marking the margin – the place where the stitches will go.

Length of thread is about 4 times the length of the stitching line and the actual stitch for John Winchesters journal is Saddle Stitch.
I’ll need the right tools for the job which look to be:
Edge creaser or margin marker
Stitching wheel (to mark out the stitches evenly)
sewing Awl
2 needles
waxed thread
needle nosed pliers (these may be optional)

This last video is a quick tutorial on stitching saddle stitch.

You might find that you need to watch a few different tutorials on making saddle stitch. They all have different angles, some are instructional, where as others are more visual.

Leatherwork is a very involved process, with lots of different tools. You might be able to pick up some tools from salvage yards, garage sales or borrow them from friends. Especially if you only plan on making the one item. Either way leather is expensive and its not something you would want to mess up and throw away. Practice first on some scraps.


John Winchester’s journal

May 10, 2017


Nothing interesting to watch on TV so the kids and I started to watch Supernatural that I had on DVD. Just like my obsession with Harry Potter I decided I wanted to make John Winchester’s journal.
So for the past few months I’ve been collecting various pieces that I’ll be needing for my project.
I started off trying to make my own journal pages and ended up giving that up as too hard. I did however find them on Etsy. I have no problem supporting other artists by buying them already done and it helps support other people.

journal_pagesThe next thing I needed was a template for the actual leather journal. It seems that a lot of people have made these journals but no one wants to share dimensions. Which I understand as they have put the long hours into researching. I did end up finding a template during a Google search but without actual measurements.

journaldimens_zps0c31db8bThe measurements that I have decided on are B 40cm x A 24cm. If you’re looking to make your own then just print it out so it measures that. Don’t hold me to that though as I haven’t made one up yet so I don’t know if those measurements are correct.

I have since bought some vegetable tanned leather from eBay. Don’t ask where as I probably paid too much and I only got half of what I actually needed *sigh* so I’m waiting on a second piece.

vegetable_tanned_leatherThere are a couple of business card holder pages in that photo as well. For photographs.

Next I got the newspaper clippings from Etsy. The lady who sold them to me was wonderful. She had stopped selling them as someone had purchased them, photocopied them and was selling them on eBay as their own work.

I got the rifle badge and a few of the ribbons from eBay today.ribbons_medalThe three ribbons US purple heart ribbon, US Bronze Star ribbon and the US Vietnam Service ribbon all came from the same eBay store. The rifle expert badge was from another.

So that’s where I’m up too. Hopefully I can keep this blog updated. If your looking for some inspiration try Creating John Winchester’s journal


Silkie chicks

November 10, 2015

Over the last 12 months I have converted the kids cubby house into a chicken coop.
Cluck hut

It has been renamed the ‘Cluck Hut’ and we bought 2 silkie chickens. 1 Silver called ‘Pippins’ and a black silkie called ‘Flappy’
2014-10-08 21.20.19
Classed as Bantams their eggs are quite small compared to a “normal” sized chicken egg. So far our Silkie eggs have ranged in size from 38 grams to 43 grams
Silkie egg in an egg cup
The eggs are so small they drop right into normal sized egg cups. I ended up asking my Great Uncle, Bill, to make me some egg cups especially for our eggs. Uncle Bill does wood turning in his spare time and whipped us up a couple of wooden egg cups (I’ll have to post pictures of those at a later date).

So I had a lovely white Silkie rooster for about 12 months and he did his job and Pippins went broody. 21 days later she hatched 4 Silkies. Their birthday is Sunday 8th November 2015.
silkie chick
This chick is only hours old.
Silkie chick

I think this is the same chick as above. 2 days old.

I’ll try and update again. I’ve only just started to blog again after quite a break so it’ll take time to get back into the swing of things.

Until then

My little cowboy

August 29, 2011


School had a dress up day for bookweek and both Conner and Talissa went as cow’folk’ 🙂
I didn’t get a snap of Talissa yet.

I recently had a delivery

So I had to turn that into this…

woohoo 🙂 Now Bella Barina can stay dry in Winter and hopefully cooler in Summer.

I’ve been working hard in the garden. It is really starting to flourish. Its so rewarding to see it develop and grow.

This morning I started off with a cement path a jackhammer and the remnants of the clothesline and this afternoon I finished off with this

After much perspiration I was very satisfied 🙂
I thought I would upload an older photo of some garden arches that I whipped up with some garden stakes and electrical conduit. I’ve just planted 3 creepers to grow over the arches. I love how these arches have added height to the garden. It gives the eye a new perspective – something other than planted garden beds.

So there you go. A little update. I will have to do this more often 😉

Recently aquired

May 7, 2011

I’ve just brough a Nicole Pomeroy artwork. It’s a canvas called “She Lives her Life with Love, Beliefs and Dreams”. I think it is awesome and the quote is one that fits my thinking at the moment.

Now I haven’t scrapped myself for a very long time (those who know me understand why) but I haven’t stopped being creative. I have been ‘creating’ my lovely garden. Which takes a lot of hard work!

I have been visiting the local salvage yard again – Hi De youngs 😛 You have to love finding some odd little bit of something or other 😆

I do love to fix up chairs. I spotted this one and I knew straight away it has some loving to share 🙂 It looks lovely in my kitchen.
Then I found this old ladder for $5…can you believe that it fit in Bella 😆

I used one part of the ladder and painted it yellow and cemented the base into the garden. The reason it’s yellow should be obvious to all. No? The ladder at the top of the Magic Faraway tree, that goes through the magic cloud to the land above…is yellow 😉

I might leave my update there for now as its getting late.